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Handling Promotion Within Your Organisation

Handling Promotion Within Your Organisation

Have you been working at an Organisation for a number of years, yet it does not seem as if you will be promoted to a higher position? If you have found yourself in this position, you need to realize that there are a number of factors that could contribute to you not being considered for a promotion.

You Might Think That Your Promotion Is Justifiable

There might be moments when you think that your promotion is justifiable but you have to remember that there are protocols in the Organisation which you have to follow. It could be that your Organisation is going through a growth phase which would not be ideal for them to do promotions.

Normally when an Organisation is experiencing significant growth, promotions might not be on the table as they would believe that they have capable team members who are working hard to make the Organisation’s growth possible.

Promotion Can Be Considered To Maximize Further Growth Within The Organisation

On the other hand, if they detect loose areas within the Organisation where they can boost a few employees up the ranks to maximize growth even further, then they might consider a series of promotions. With this being said, you also have to focus on handling promotions within your Organisation.

You have to take into consideration a few things like; your seniority level, how long you have been working at the establishment, your qualification level, and your ability to function effectively in your new position.

Things Which Can Hinder Your Promotion

Even though you might be performing well at your current position, it does not mean that you are entitled to a promotion. There might be a lot of reasons for management not to consider you for a promotion. At times you might not look at some simple reasons which could cause you not to be promoted from your current position at the company.

Simple reasons could be; your work attitude, punctuality, work attendance, working without being constantly supervised, how you fit in with other employees, etc. These small issues can prevent your promotion within the Organisation.

You Might Have To Make A Decision On Your Way Forward

If you realize that you are performing well at work but not getting a promotion, you might need to make a decision on the way forward as it relates to your future within the Organisation. Ensure that you take a lot of time to evaluate the situation as you do not want to make decisions that could be detrimental to your future endeavors. Look at all angles as you decide on your next move.

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Voice Your Concerns With Your Employer If He Is Available

A number of Employers who are available will be willing to give a listening ear to your concerns. You might want to pursue this opportunity to speak to your Employer about your insecurities.

This will give you a clear idea as to where you stand within the Organisation. Having all this information, you are now in a better position to make an informed decision on your way forward.

This could mean you quitting from this Organisation. Again, ensure that you have a clear idea as to what you will do next after quitting.

The last thing you want to do is to quit your job and get stuck at home without an alternative. Remember that the bills are there to be paid.

Think Carefully If Quitting Your Job Is An Option

If you have spent years with your present Organisation and depending on your age and stage in life, you might want to think carefully if quitting is the best decision for you.

Never speak about quitting your job to your boss until you are certain of your next career move. The reason you do not want to do that is that it might give your boss the impression that you are not a loyal employee.

Job Satisfaction Is Very Important

You need to be aware that there are a number of things that will keep someone at a job, however, job satisfaction is also important to you and if you are not satisfied with your job then it’s really not worth it.

You might want to ask yourself this question; Do I want to quit my job to get back at my boss, or it’s because I genuinely have no other option? This could be something that you might be thinking of doing right now, however, it is not something that you should consider if you don’t feel negative on an overall spectrum.

You’ll need to keep in mind that there are a lot of people who ask for more respect but in the end, they ended up with the wrong end of the stick, so be careful when you take these tough decisions.

Make A List Of The Pros And Cons Before Taking A Decision

Taking a harsh decision like quitting your job is going to depend on what is important to you and also what it is that you are lacking within your current position. One way of approaching this issue is to draft up a list of Pros and Cons about your present Organisation and identify the things that make you want to walk away.

This will help you to decide whether or not you are ready to pack your bags and walk through the door. It will also help you to gain some clarity on your decision.

Doing things this way will help you to make an educational move that you will not regret. You will also want to take some time and realize what it is that you can do in order to be happier at work.

It is of paramount importance that you learn how to be happy with yourself and at your work. This might not be easy but it is just as important to realize that you need to pursue things that are of importance to you and not settle for anything less.

I hope this information will help you to be a better person at work and that you will think carefully when you want to take a decision on your future endeavors.

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