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Why Some Men Push Away Their Ideal Women

Why Some Men Push Away Their Ideal Women

Two years ago when Carla met Jeffery, she believed they were ideal for each other. They shared the same black humor and appreciated the very same films and TV programs. In addition, they both intended to start a family in the next few years.

Even their favorite childhood book was the same. The Velveteen Rabbit – a funny coincidence he always pointed out when friends asked about their relationship. So when he suddenly ended the relationship one stormy October day, she felt completely blindsided.


Why Would He End The Relationship?

Why would he suddenly end our relationship?” Carla questioned! “At the early stage of our dating,

he told me that I ticked all the boxes for the mother of his children, so I am lost for words as to why he suddenly changed”. “He was even joking about getting vocal training so he could sing for me at our wedding”. Unfortunately, Carla’s tale is far from unique. Isn’t it?

Dating and relationship expert Clayton Max stated that it’s not unusual for a guy to leave a woman, even when they’ve planned a life together. He went on to say that no matter how perfect a woman appears to be on paper, even if she ticked all the boxes, the man will enter panic mode when he is faced with the reality of taking the relationship to a more serious level.

Despite taking pride in how logical and sensible they are, Max says, “Males don’t pick a partner based on who’s the best sensible choice for them. Instead, they choose the person who makes them FEEL certain things.”

Max says that guys are naturally much more afraid of committing than women however, their minds come pre-wired with a mechanism that overrides this worry with the right partner. Max describes this mechanism as The Infatuation Response, and when it’s activated, it actually shuts down the part of his brain that feels uncertain.

Suddenly his reactions of doubt are released, he feels a sense of confidence about the woman, and he’s willing to move mountains to be with her.

His Future Will Be With The One Who Activates His Primitive Infatuation Impulse

When deciding between a partner who makes sense for him and one who’s activated his primitive infatuation impulse,

he will see their future with the one that’s sparked his infatuation instinct one hundred percent of the time. So what are the vital suggestions for a woman that wants a man to commit deeply to her? A huge mistake that some women make, is hoping for males to portray a unique character that might never happen.

But a man can no more control the feelings of panic than a woman can control her thoughts of wanting to commit. As a matter of fact, when he really feels judged for not being sure, it increases the stress and anxiety, and sense of guilt he currently feels,

making him more likely to press the eject button instead of trying to work things out. By acknowledging that this is just how guys are wired, and not pressing him, it provides you space to concentrate on what YOU CAN DO to make him certain.

Some Men Push Away Their Ideal Women

Why do some men push away their ideal women! Many women get stuck in trying to be a man’s ‘dream woman’, by showering him with all the ‘sweetheart’ traits, such as being an excellent listener.

They’ll list out all the reasons they’re a perfect match, or they’ll try to identify what qualities he desires in a partner, so they can display them when in either case, they’re trying to appeal to his ‘logical brain’, which in this situation is not in charge.

Women will do this again and again, despite the fact that this practically never succeeds, leaving them disappointed, and upset when the man ended up going for a woman who has practically none of the qualities he says he wants.

Try To Trigger His Infatuation Response

The only surefire way of getting him to commit with his whole heart, so he’s completely confident a woman is the one for him, is to trigger his infatuation response. A man’s infatuation impulse is activated by very specific traits in a woman.

Things like curiosity, boundaries, and uncertainty, which create a sense of excitement and a desire to chase after her. Although the majority of women try to show a man how devoted they are to him hoping that this is going to make him feel safe enough to give her his heart,

this generally just adds to the stress weighing him down, since, at this moment, he’s even more afraid of losing his freedom and personality than losing you.

To learn more about exactly how to trigger a man’s infatuation instinct, with exact scripts that do exactly that, watch this free video presentation.

In it, you’ll learn about the ’emotional tripwire’, which places a man in infatuation mode, without him realizing why.

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All the very best as you search for the right partner to share your happiness with now and in the future.

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