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Mike And Darren’s Enagic Distributor Recruitment Sales Funnel Explained

Mike And Darren Enagic Distributors 

In this article, I will be looking at Mike and Darren’s Sales Funnel which they claimed is a 90% Done-For-You Proven system, that aspiring Digital Business Owners can use to run an Online Digital Business from the comfort of their home. I will give my unbiased and fair review of this particular Business Model from a consumer perspective.


The information provided will be from my own experience as a former member of a group called the DREAM TEAM. This review is not intended to promote or tear down their business, but since I was a part of this Business Model, I believe I have a responsibility to give my honest opinion which is purely based on my own experience and concerns. I hope that my experience will provide enough information for prospective members, to make a more informed decision before joining this “business opportunity”.

This information was not readily available when I was searching the internet for reviews on Mike and Darren’s “90% done-for-you” Business Model, so consider yourself lucky to have found this information. It might be saving you the pain and heartache I experienced when I was a member of the DREAM TEAM managed by Darren and Mike. I will not be going into too many details on Mike and Darren’s business background, but I will be providing some links throughout the article if you wish to know more about their online business background.

What Mike And Darren Claimed To Be

Based on public information freely accessible on the internet, Mike and Darren claim to be Digital Marketing Mentors, Online Business Coaches, and Business Consultants. Please see some links below if you desire to learn more about Mike and Darren.

✔️Mike And Darren’s Website

✔️Mike And Darren’s Pyramid Scam In Bhutan

Online Marketing Gurus Can Prey On Your Vulnerability

As an aspiring and hardworking individual, I’ve always wanted to run my own Online Business, so that I would be able to replace my 9-5 job. This of course would allow me the time and freedom for my family, friends, and loved ones. I would also be able to live life on my own terms, like waking up naturally, going on holidays whenever I want, and most of all, being my own boss.

Mike And Darren Sales Funnel System
Mike And Darren Sales Funnel System

This is the dream of a number of individuals who use the internet to Google Search for Online Business Opportunities. Now, I must say that a number of internet Gurus realize this, and so they prey on the vulnerability of a number of individuals with these sketchy online business opportunities.

How I Got Involved With Mike And Darren’s Questionable Business Model

I was browsing the internet for a work-from-home Online Business Opportunity a year and some months ago. A few days later, I went on my Facebook personal page to browse and see what my family and friends were up to and also, to maybe watch silly cats and dogs videos. I’m quite sure you can relate to this. Can’t you? I’m sure you can.

As I was minding my own business and simply scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed to see what my family and friends were up to, there was an Ad that popped up in my newsfeed and interrupted what I was doing. This Ad was about running my own online business from the comfort of my home and how I can live the laptop lifestyle I desire.

See a sample of the Facebook Ad Here

Some Sales Funnels Of Mike And Darren Dream Team Members


✔️ https://www.jakeandprecious.com/

✔️ https://www.dorinasalavaria.com/

It went on to say that I will be able to quit my 9-5 job and experience the freedom lifestyle I dreamed of. Now, I have to say that this Ad really sounded like the kind of online opportunity I need. I clicked on the learn more button because I was eager to see what this business opportunity was all about. I was taken to a landing page with a catchy headline that reads, “Online Workshop Reveals How I Started Generating Revenue Online“! It went on to say that:

Life doesn’t have to be a grind. Stop Stressing About Your Bills. Travel And Live On Your Terms. Discover How To “Walk Away From” The 9-5 Grind.

These bullet points were sending out the right message. At least that’s what I thought. Let’s continue with my experience. Shall we? I was asked to provide my name and email address and register my spot for a live workshop. After I gave my name and email address and clicked “Register My Spot Now“, I was taken to a thank you page.

See a sample of the opt-in page here

The message reads, ” Congratulations, You are in! “I’ve emailed your invite to our live webinar and here is a replay you can watch now“. I was quite eager to dive into this workshop to see what the noise was all about. I decided to commit 90 minutes of my valuable time to watch the workshop replay, while I waited for the date of the “LIVE” webinar.

See a sample of the thank you page here

Their “Live webinar” was usually Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly. Of course, there was no need to watch the “Live webinar” as the information shared in the replay slides would have been the same for all the other webinars to follow. The only slight difference among the weekly webinars was that different members of the DREAM TEAM would volunteer to be guests on the webinars each week.

Some Things That Were Discussed In The Webinar

✔️How you can run your own Online Business from home.

✔️ How you can quit your 9-5 jobs once the business takes off.

✔️How you can live life on your own terms.

✔️You do not need to do any selling as the system does it for you.

✔️ You will have a “proven system” which is “90% done for you”.

✔️ You need to put in the other “10% of work” for the system to work for you.

Other things were discussed in the 90 minutes webinar which I will not go into in this article. However, the troubling thing about the webinar was that after watching 90 minutes of rumblings, I still was not told what product or service I was going to offer my prospective customers. I was only told it would be a high-ticket product.

Dream Team Members Testimonials
Dream Team Members Testimonials

This was a bit weird because if I’m going to be trained to be a Digital Business Owner, I would want to know what the heck I was gonna offer to my prospective customers. Don’t you? The information on this mystery product or service was, and still is, withheld deliberately by the presenters namely, Mike, Darren, and Leah-Anne. Even until this very moment. I will explain later in this article why I believe the product or service was deliberately withheld from me and other viewers of this webinar.

What To Expect From Mike And Darren, After Watching Their Webinar

At the end of the webinar which is meant to provide information on how I could own and run my own online business, I was pitched with what I would call a “FRONT END OFFER” which comes at a cost of $99. At the time I joined this Business Model, it was at $99. The amount is now $149. See a link to the sales page for the “FRONT END OFFER” in this article.

What Is Included In This $149 Package

  • All the tools I needed to succeed with this business.
  • All of the Marketing Training I needed to market this mystery product.
  • All of the products I needed to get up and running.

My front-end package included 3 Bonuses:

  • BONUS 1 – Access to their “Elite Mastermind.
  • BONUS 2 – My own “Custom-tailored Sales Funnel Solution.
  • BONUS 3 – A Personal Mentor” to help me grow my “Business.

Click On The Image Below To See Their Payment Form

mike and darren new payment form
Mike and Darren’s New Payment Form

Even after seeing all these Bonuses and offers of training to run my own online business, I still did not know what I was going to be selling. So, the question you might be asking is, “When did you know what you were going to sell?”

I will answer this question by taking you step by step through Mike and Darren’s sales funnel system and how they are using this system to deceitfully recruit vulnerable individuals to be Enagic Water Machine Distributors under the disguise that they are training you to be online business owners.

Please note that Enagic is considered to be a Multi-level Marketing Company, even though Mike and Darren, and his Dream Team members would try to convince me that this is not the case. Enagic’s method of recruiting Distributors along with their Compensation plan utilizes similar methods used by other Multi-level Marketing Companies in their recruitment of distributors and compensation plans. They also use downlines and uplines for their distributors. So you can now understand why people would think of them as an MLM Company.

Mike And Darren’s Step By Step Enagic Distributor Recruitment Using A Sales Funnel

STEP 1: – You Will Come Across Their Members’ Ads On Facebook, Youtube, or LinkedIn.

STEP 2: – Click On The Ads And You’ll Be Taken To A Landing Page.

STEP 3: – Provide Your Name And Email Address For A Free Recorded Webinar.

STEP 4: – You Will See A Replay Of A Webinar on The Thank You Page.

STEP 5: – Watch The Webinar Which Lasted About 90 Minutes.

STEP 6: – You Will Be Pitched A Front End Offer Worth $149.

STEP 7: – If You Buy This Offer, You Will Be Taken To A Checkout Page.

Click On The Image Below To Watch Their Vague Webinar

the dream team vague webinar
The Dream Team Vague Webinar

STEP 8: – You Will Be Sent A Confirmation Email With Your Receipt And Links To Some Videos To Watch So You Can Learn More About This Mystery Product.

STEP 9: – It’s At That Stage Of Watching Those Videos, You Will Be Told What The Mystery Product Is. (You are advised to take as much time as you need to watch those videos).

STEP 10: – After Watching Those Videos, Mike Will then Encourage You To Book A Strategy Call With A “Coach” Which Will Be Assigned To You.

(Please note that you will not be able to request a refund of $149 after doing your Strategy call with your “Coach”). If you need a refund, then do not make that call.

STEP 11: – If You Take The Strategy Call, This Is Where Your “Coach” Will Now Have The Grand Opportunity To Pitch The Back End Offer To You which is an Enagic Kangen Water Machine costing as much as $5000. Wow! That’s a lot of money!

(At this stage, reality will now step in and you will now realize that you will not be able to get your money back, so you either have to continue your journey with the DREAM TEAM or lose $149 easily).

At this stage, I was now saying to myself, “What Have I Done?”.

Unfortunately, it was too late so I had to carry on.
The machine I bought at the time was the SD501 Model which cost me $4000.

Please see the Enagic website here

Your Next Big Step If You Decide To Go Ahead With This Business Model

Once you have decided to accept this BACK END OFFER, your “Mentor” will tell you how you can purchase this expensive water machine. These options are:

  • Buy The Machine For Cash Using Your Credit Card.
  • Make Monthly Payments Via the Enagic Payment Plan.
  • Take Out A Bank Loan To Buy The Machine.

Now, in my case, I had a Credit Card at the time I joined Mike and Darren’s questionable system. I used my Credit Card to make a downpayment to Enagic and I was given 15 months to complete the balance of payments. It was quite challenging at times to make those monthly payments but I was able to complete all the payments.

My Reasons For Quitting Mike And Darren’s DREAM TEAM Enagic Water Recruitment System

I will now share why I decided to quit the DREAM TEAM managed by Mike and Darren. By the way, the group is called the DREAM TEAM. After filling the paperwork out with little help from my Mentor, she sent the documents off to Germany which was the outlet closest to the UK. After I received my Distributor ID from Enagic, I was now an Enagic Distributor. At this stage, I had full access to the Members area where I promised Digital Marketing training.

I will not be able to show you the member’s area for legal reasons, and more so to protect myself from Mike and Darren’s Cease and Desist Letters from their “Lawyers“. However. I’m more equipped with legal information to protect myself from these gurus who try to silence reviewers for reviewing their business or products.

I will however give you a brief overview of what to expect from their basic member’s area training. If you need some updates on Mike and Darren’s pyramid scam in Bhutan, watch the video below.

  • I was given basic training in Facebook Advertising (My advice would be to learn Facebook Ads from free videos on YouTube as their Facebook training is quite basic).
  • I was encouraged to read the Law Of Attraction Books and to always be positive. They listed some books in the membership area for me to read. (With my Christian beliefs, I did not think that Law Of Attraction Books would sit well with me and my beliefs).
  • I watched a video with Tony Robbins giving a Motivational Speech, and of course, I could watch Tony Robbins’ videos for free on YouTube.
  • I was able to watch what Mike called his Masterminds videos which basically involved members of the DREAM TEAM talking about their Enagic business and at what stage they are in the business.
  • I also joined their “Private Facebook Group” and some of their members welcomed me as a new “ACTION TAKER“. The members of the DREAM TEAM will appear to be very friendly, helpful, and nice initially, but as soon as I started to question certain things, they would tell me that no negativity is allowed in the group.

You are also not allowed to post anything negative, whatsoever, as this could cause you to be kicked out of the group.

All in all, most of the information provided in the member’s area can be obtained freely on the Internet.
Their training did not really do much for me. I have to be quite honest and say that my “Mentor” was not very helpful to me throughout my time in this group.

How Will You Market This Enagic Recruitment Business Managed By Mike And Darren?

Facebook is the main Advertising Platform used by members of Darren and Mike’s Enagic Funnel Recruitment System. I had to write a Facebook ad copy to promote this sales funnel system. The aim is to recruit other members to join this system.

Now, these leads that you obtained from your Facebook Ads will of course be people who clicked on your Ads and were taken to your landing page to fill in their personal information. If those leads take action just like yourself and buy the $149 front End offer, your “Mentor” will notify you that you have a buyer.

Please note that even though you now have a buyer, you will not start making any commission until this buyer in your downline buys an Enagic water Machine, and go through the process just as you did. Please see the video below which will provide a more detailed explanation of Mike and Darren’s Sales Funnel Recruitment System.


Your Facebook Ads budget for this “business” can be pretty huge. It was costing me as much as $4 per lead with my Facebook Ads. You will have to spend at least $10 per day or $300 per month on Facebook Ads if you want to see any significant results. And even then, you are still not guaranteed any results. Do you really have all that money sitting in your bank account to be spent on Ads?

You also need to remember that even if you run a Facebook Ads Campaign and acquire 100 leads, this does not mean that any of those leads are going to buy even the very front-end product, let alone the Back End expensive water machine. I should have mentioned earlier that you will get a landing page similar to THIS ONE.

With regards to the landing page, you along with other members of the DREAM TEAM will have similar landing pages with basically the same information. You will also be literally competing against each other with Facebook or YouTube Ads.

I have made mention of YouTube Ads because I noticed that some of their members are now using YouTube Ads. This approach could mean a few things:

  • Facebook Ads are too expensive for them.
  • Facebook is penalizing some of their Ads or even shutting down their accounts.
  • They might find that YouTube Ads are cheaper than Facebook Ads.

I had my Facebook Ads Account shut down weeks after I joined this DREAM TEAM group. However, I was able to use another spare account that I had. After a few months into this so-called business and running Ads, I managed to acquire over 100 leads from the Ads Campaign.

Manage your finance to avoid debts
Manage your finances to avoid debts.

Unfortunately, I did not get a single lead to even buy the Front End offer of $149. The other disappointing thing is that 30 days of automated emails were sent to these leads but very few leads even bother to open my emails.

At this stage, I knew that I would now have to face reality. I realize that I need to make a decision as to whether or not this “Business” was for me. I started to realize that it was not going to be easy to sell these expensive water filters. No one is lining up for expensive water machines.

Once you tell anyone about the nature of what you do, you would be told it’s an MLM Business. There is a stigma attached to Multi-level Marketing Companies and for this reason, it’s quite difficult to market products from MLM Companies.

Why Didn’t Mike And Darren Disclose The Secret Product In Their Webinar?

Earlier in this article, I told you that I will explain why I think Mike and Darren used a Sales Funnel to recruit individuals to be Enagic Water Machines Distributors with the disguise that they are training you to run your own online business. The reason is now clear.

If these two gurus should tell you straight up that you are going to buy an expensive water machine and then recruit others to do the same so that you can get a commission on the purchase from your downline, then, of course, you would not be interested.

Instead, they utilized a Sales Funnel just like any other Affiliate Marketer, and deceive you into thinking that they are training you to own and run your own online business. This approach is much easier for you to accept, but the problem is that you are deceived without even realizing it until it’s too late.

financial expertise

Now you can understand why I can safely say that Mike and Darren have used deceptive methods to lure vulnerable individuals into their Sales Funnel to be Enagic Water Machine Distributors. You are also told that you will get training on product research but there is no need for them to give you training on product research as they have already done the research and know what product you are going to sell.

All they did was tell me what the product is. There was no product research done on my part. Again that was and still is deception because they are still advertising this deceptive system. There is not a lot of information out there on Mike and Darren’s questionable Sales Funnel System. However, there is some valuable information online along with this article which will provide you with more in-depth information on Mike and Darren’s Business Model.

Who Else Needs Information On Mike And Darren’s Enagic Sales Funnel System?

There are others who want to be provided with more transparent information on Mike and Darren’s Business Model. One such organization is BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. Please see what BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU has to say about Mike and Darren’s Business Model by clicking on the link. This organization has requested some information on the transparency of Mike and Darren’s business practice but they have not responded to the request to date.

As you can see, I’m not the only one who can summarize and say that Mike and Darren’s Business Model is not transparent and if you decided to join this group, you need to go beyond this article and gather more information from the links I have to provide before you part with your hard-earned cash.

I’m no longer with this group. I quit as I believe that not everyone who joins this questionable so-called business opportunity will make any money from it. Also, my Facebook Ads budget was going through the roof with no buyer and little help from the “Mentor” so I took the wise decision to quit.

What Did I Do With My Brand New Water Machine?

  • I eventually sold it on eBay for only £1000, of which I had to pay an eBay seller’s fee of £116.
  • So as you can see, I only got £884 for a brand new water machine that cost me over £3000.

How Can You Help?

If you think that the information on Mike and Darren’s Enagic Distributor Recruitment Sales Funnel is worth sharing with others, please hit the share button below to spread the word.


Leonard Henry
Thank you for visiting the Passive Move Blog website. My aim is to provide viewers with the information they need to make more informed decisions. You are welcome to leave a relevant comment in the comment section of each article. Inappropriate comments will not be approved. Thank you.

20 Replies to “Mike And Darren’s Enagic Distributor Recruitment Sales Funnel Explained

  1. Thanks for this. I almost took a bite but felt something was not right so i researched further and found this.

  2. OMG. I wish I have seen this article sooner before I have spent thousands of dollars get into this type of business model. Now, I’m stuck with the machine. You are right, their business model is shady. It’s not transparent enough. After trying it out for 6 months and doing further research, I realize this business model is not fit with my values. I don’t like to recruit people without being transparent about it first. It’s way too expensive the product, and in their Dream Team – you will see a lot of people making claims of earning money. You start to wonder what have you done wrong, end up spending more money because they would say – “you got to invest in your business by upping in your budget”

    The nature of the business is very much similar to LuLaRoe; and there’s a documentary called LulaRich about it too. I hate to say I got recruited by a so-called FB friend, sad to say – she’s no true friend after all but a shark lurking in my FB. I am embarrassed about it because I pride myself that I’m educated. I guess they got me during my lowest low in my life, when I was vulnerable and gullible enough to believe the twisted attraction marketing they use.

    1. Sorry to know that you have lost so much money. It’s a pity that we do not do thorough research before making that deadly plunge into scammy business models like Mike and Darren’s Dream Team Enagic scam. How do these two deceivers sleep well at night, knowing that they are deceiving people and taking their monies in exchange for a dream life which does not exist? Shame on you both, bro-bots.

      1. The minute you purchase this overpriced water filter machine, you already lost over 2k 3k.

        This company makes false medical claims and get rich fast lies. The FDA will never certified them because the water is simply a lied.

        Enagic is becoming the biggest MLM Cult out there and people unfortunately, don’t research Enagic’s legal issues.

  3. Right on. they are an illegal MLM according to the Competition Act in Canada.
    Selling product A (training package) with a condition of buying product B (an enagic product).
    Why they are free and no one takes action against them? it is scary.

    1. They are free to continue to deceive vulnerable individuals because Enagic is not enforcing their Terms and Conditions.
      We can stop them if we are bold enough to speak out against their deceptive business model. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hey everyone,
    I just fell into “my mentor”s trap and paid 149$ for the “training” and became a member if the “Dream Team”. Wow, it was all clear to me even before I googled “the product”. Thank you Leonard for detailed calrification of this scam. Do you happen to know of the 149$ initial payment is really refundable? I am not sure who exactpy to contact, I guess the dre teamers will not appreciate the gesture 🙂

    1. I’m sorry you did not do your research before parting with your hard-earned cash. If you have made that call to your “Coach”, unfortunately, you won’t get the $149 back. They only refund you that money if you did not make the call.
      I’m glad that you did not pay them any more money for their expensive water machines.

  5. I just love my Japanese invention Kangen machine which is an approved medical device in Japanese hospitals. I’ve known about it way back 2015, before Mike & Darren started the dream team in 2016. The inventor of colonoscopy , Dr. Hiroma Shinya is one of the medical adviser of Enagic and he of course strongly recommend this device to his patients. I just pray that his invention will never have to visit our behinds or our families’, but sometimes it’s needed 😃 if necessary. I have no issue paying that 149 out of curiosity. It’s up to me if I will use their system or not. Enagic has it’s own system too. Dream Team has now more than 82 k members & counting. People comes from all walks of life.
    Anyway, Daniel Dimacale’s presentation about Enagic is recommended so that you will have more understanding about the product before you join this business. He is a direct seller since the introduction of enagic in USA. Search him on YouTube, even JV Pacifico. They are Enagic’s pioneer sellers.
    As I’ve said, i just love the machine because of the health benefits of this medical device for me & my family.

    1. Thank you for your honest comment. Hope it will help others who are seeking a transparent business opportunity with Enagic. Transparency is key when it comes on to making financial business decisions. This is what is lacking with Mike and Darren’s business system.

  6. Oh Thank you a million times for saving people from falling into a pit. Please share this article on trust pilot and Facebook. I have shared it on Twitter and other places cause I know some in my family who were just about to join this scam but I decided to do a thorough search to help them so they can be exposed.

    1. Hi Esther,
      I want to thank you a million for your kind and positive comment. Thank you also for sharing this post. These guys are wrecking the lives of vulnerable people with this system model. It’s for this reason I’ve started this blog to highlight individuals like these and provide people with valuable information before they join. Thanks again.

  7. Hi Leonard,
    Thank you for your detailed report. I applaud your honesty and guts to publish the review with no fear. I was so close to swallowing their bait…
    I wish the world would hear about this scam! Even losing 149$ is painful nowadays.

    1. Hi GD,
      I’m glad that you have found this article beneficial to you. Thank goodness you did not fall into their trap as I and others did. It’s for this very reason, I published this article detailing my experience with this group.

      You can always hit the share buttons for others to see what they are up against. Thanks again for your positive comment.

  8. Hi Leonard,

    Your experience and research about this scam will help thousands of people. You are amazing!
    My wife and I, we were really close to biting the bait and buying the $149 training.
    I appreciate your boldness. These guys have intimidated everyone, and forced Reddit to delete posts that were exposing them.

    A thousand thank you’s and keep on!

    1. Hi MC,
      I’m so glad that this article, outlining my experience with this sketchy Funnel System from these two gurus, have helped you and your wife to make a more informed decision on the way forward.

      It’s my aim to warn vulnerable individuals about this group, and the funnel system they are using to recruit people into an MLM “business opportunity” with their vague free webinar.

      A number of former members have lost huge sums of money in this group but they are scared to speak out and tell their stories. If you think that this article can help other individuals, I would love for you to share it so that hardworking people can know exactly what they are up against.

      As a matter of fact, a former member of the Dream Team reached out to me and ask if I could help her with telling her story, so I’ve accepted her request and I will be posting a well-detailed article written by her, on my blog. Look out for the article this coming week.

      Thanks again for your comment. Well appreciated.

  9. Hello Chiqui.
    I’m glad that you have found the boldness to tell of your experience with Mike and Darren’s questionable sales funnel system. I’m sorry to hear that you have lost so much money. You are not alone. The issue is that most people stay quiet because maybe they are too embarrassed and ashamed to speak out.

    I would advise you to go ahead and do a YouTube video and share your honest review based on your experience. Because you were a member of the team, you have a right to share your honest opinion and to let people know what to expect if they decide to join this deceptive group.

    You do not need to give your name or even show your face on the video. Also do not use any images belonging to them or call them any nasty names when you are telling of your experience.

    I can also host your article on this blog site if you do not have a website of your own. I could also recommend you to another Youtuber who will help you with the legal side of it. Her Channel is called The Recovering Hunbot. She creates videos on Mike and Darren also. Visit her channel to see her videos. Let me know what you intend to do moving forward.

  10. Hi Leonard!

    Thanks for this detailed information. I wrote a few days ago a long text about my experience with this company and “business” because I couldn’t find reviews on the internet. It is in Spanish because I am an Spanish speaker, and I was thinking to translate it, but first I was trying to discover how to publish it in the Internet (Google as an article, YouTube, etc.) and what kind of legal implication it could have. I want to be sure of what I am doing. Also, I want to protect my real name.
    I am just trying to show the world how this system really works and avoid other people to fail into this system like me. (I lost a lot of money from trifecta and ads). And I would love your help and even input if you access to read it.
    And of course, your legal advices from your actual knowledge.
    Thank you very much in advance.

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