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Nolan Johnson Direct Sales Funnel System

Nolan Johnson Direct Sales Funnel System

In this article, I will be looking at another online marketing Guru who has taken the easy route of using a sales funnel to recruit Independent Distributors for a Multi-level Marketing Company instead of the traditional method used by these companies to recruit their Distributors. I’m speaking of no other than Nolan Johnson. Before I dive into some findings from my research on who Nolan Johnson is, let me put out a disclaimer.


Nolan Johnson Sales Funnel Webinar

Information shared in this video review is for education and entertainment purposes. My commentary and criticism of Nolan’s webinar and sales funnel system will be based on my own opinion and experience in using systems similar to his funnel system.

This review is not intended to promote or tear down Nolan’s business but I believe that vulnerable individuals need to be presented with enough information so they will be able to make a more informed decision moving forward with these online systems. I will also tailor my opinion in accordance with fair use.

The video above displays some highlights on the webinar conducted by Nolan where he discussed using a proven sales funnel to build his $10 Million Direct Sales business. He also shares some of his students’ success stories in the webinar.

This will certainly be an interesting article, as I will show you how similar Nolan’s webinar is, to the webinar of Mike and Darren, The Global Affiliate Zone, The Ace Initiative, and other groups that used a sales funnel to recruit Enagic Distributors without telling them up front that this is what the webinar is all about.

nolan johnson enagic disrtibutor sales funnel

Nolan Is Speaking Of Enagic MLM

He did not actually disclose the name of the Multi-level Marketing Company he is working with, but from my research, it’s obvious that he is making reference to a company called Enagic which is a water filter company based in Japan.

In my opinion, Nolan is a brilliant webinar presenter and was really to the point. However, I was a bit disappointed as at no point did he mention exactly what product his students would be promoting.

This is the approach of all these groups who utilize a sales funnel for their recruitment drive. In the same breath, I have to give him credit because, throughout the webinar, he gave some clues like MLM, Rep, Direct Sales, upline, and so on. These words would have given you some idea of what he is on about.

The First Section Of The Webinar

Nolan claim that his sales funnel system is proven and you will be able to copy everything that he is doing to be so successful. He claimed that he was fortunate enough to have done over $10 million in sales before the age of 24. He actually started in MLM, got frustrated, burnt out, then decided to quit.

During his absence from the MLM Industry, he learned digital marketing then came back into the industry. He said that he mixed digital marketing with direct sales and was able to hit the highest rank in the company that he joined.

Nolan is actually referring to the Multi-level Marketing company Enagic. He also used the words, Direct Sales which is a familiar term used in MLM companies. Speaking of the highest rank, he might have hit 6A but there are other rank categories like 6A-2 and so on, but he did not specify exactly what rank he was.

Obviously, am just going by what he said because there is no documentary proof from this clip to verify these claims of $10 million and hitting the highest rank. He is desperately trying to convince you that he was able to make all that money because he had discovered 3 secrets which no one else knows about.

His number one secret is to disclose how to recruit Enagic Distributors on autopilot by using a simple sales funnel. (This is not really a secret as Nolan is not the only guru using a sales funnel to recruit Enagic Distributors).

nolan sales funnel exposed

Other Groups Utilizing The Sales Funnel

The Global Affiliate Zone does the same thing. The Dream Team managed by Mike and Darren is using a sales funnel. The Ace Initiative and other groups use a sales funnel to do their recruitment of Enagic Distributors. So Nolan my friend, that’s not a secret whatsoever.

Nolan’s second secret is to use Facebook Ads to promote this business opportunity. Now, Enagic would want these Distributors like Nolan and others to utilize the traditional method of recruiting independent distributors. For example, having house meetings, contacting friends and families, hotel lounge meetings, and so on.

However, these gurus take the easy route by using the sales funnel to automate the process. The problem with this method is that a lot of information is hidden from prospects and you might be recruited into these MLM companies without fully understanding what you are getting involved in. These gurus withhold the info to make getting leads more easily. Just look at the content of their ads on Facebook and Youtube.

They always make it sound like they are introducing you to a lucrative business opportunity, in addition to training in digital marketing, but their objective is really to recruit you to be Enagic Distributors and for you to do the same to recruit others to join their sales team.

In terms of using Facebook as your Advertising Platform, you have to be careful because Facebook Ads Policy number 21 prohibits MLM business opportunities from being advertised on its platform. Your Ads account can be shut down if they can ascertain that you are running an Ads campaign to promote these MLM business opportunities.

The Next Section Of Nolans’ Webinar

He made mention of one of his students named Brooke. He said that Brooke, a 20-year-old college student has never set up a sales funnel in her entire life. But, because she followed his training click by click at a coffee shop, she was able to set up a sales funnel in 45 minutes. Nolan’s sales funnel earned Brooke $21,000 in sales volume in her first 4 weeks. Again, there is no solid proof of this earning from Nolan so I have to allow you to decide whether or not he is bluffing.

After Nolan made the claim of $21,000 made by Brooke in sales volume within her first 4 weeks, he immediately tries to squash any doubt you might have of his claim by saying that, “he hates when people make these testimonials up because it takes the spotlight away from people who actually done things like that”. Let me just say that was a clever move by you Nolan. We all know these tactics used by webinar presenters. I for one won’t buy that.

Nolan also tries to discourage the traditional methods used by Enagic to recruit independent distributors by saying that telling people about your business on social media, calling people from your lists like friends and family and other traditional recruitment methods is a problem. He said that nobody wants to call friends and family and hear no, but that is not necessarily true.

There are a number of Enagic distributors who are using the traditional method to recruit their distributors. Some prospective distributors would want to use the traditional approach because it’s more personal. The modern method of advertising, which of course is what Nolan and the other gurus are using to recruit prospective distributors, can be quite deceptive as a number of prospects initially, do not know exactly what they are getting themselves into when they click on an Ad on Facebook or Youtube.

His solution is to use paid advertising with his proven sales funnel to generate sales while you sleep. He also fails to mention that Facebook Ads can be very expensive. Obviously, he would not want to do that as this would turn you off. But, the reality is, Facebook Ads can be pretty expensive. When I was involved in this business model with the Dream Team, I was paying a much as $4 per lead on Facebook.

Here is the thing, Enagic would like for you to explain their products to prospects and customers preferably over the phone or in person. Since it’s a water machine, customers and distributors should be educated on the benefits of the water produced by these machines. It’s obvious that a lot of distributors are more interested in the financial side of the business as opposed to the health side of the business.

Nolans’ Facebook Ads Targeting Strategy

Nolan spoke about Facebook Ads targeting. He mentioned Entrepreneurs, travelers, and engaged shoppers. But, would most of these individuals really be interested in Multi-level Marketing business opportunities, especially when they do not know that the objective is to recruit them to be Enagic Distributors?

I will leave this question for you to ponder.

He went on to say that’s why he would get so many clicks and sales because he is targeting people who are interested. The issue is, some of these people may not necessarily be interested in an MLM business opportunity.

I want to draw your attention to another student who took Nolan’s training course. He mentioned this dude called Travis. He said that Travis always struggled with his Network Marketing business, and by just showing him how to run some Facebook Ads and get his business in front of a tonne of buyers, he followed the training to the T and did $51,190 in personal sales volume. Again, I have to say that these are Nolans’ words. There is no solid proof of this earning for Travis, so you have to take this with a grain of salt.

What if I tell you that I did a little research on this dude Travis, and I’ve found that he was an employee for Nolans’ NXJ Marketing business. Wow! Isn’t this shocking? Bearing in mind that further research shows Travis in a Youtube video, giving Nolan a nice testimonial as it relates to his proven sales funnel and course.
But how can anyone believe this testimonial to be genuine when Travis was an employee of Nolans’ business? Come on Nolan, you have to do better than this.

I also did a check on Travis’s youtube channel and found a video with him showing his viewers how he is doing some Postmates side hustle for a restaurant which at one point earned him $1500. The date of that video was November of 2020.

My question is, why would anyone who has done well with Nolans’ course, and at one point earned $51,190 in personal sales, would want to be doing Postmate’s side hustle? Unless of course, both Nolan and Travis are bluffing about these earnings.

I must also bring to your attention that the testimonial Travis gave in the video was about another course that Nolan is promoting, yet Nolan is giving the impression that this questionable amount earned by Travis is related to this Direct Sales opportunity he is pitching in this webinar.

Room On Your Credit Card

Nolan mentioned people with room on their Credit Cards, so you can see that some of these gurus are not so much interested in your success but the amount of money entering their pockets. I’m sure that you have listened to what Nolan had to say about this so-called lucrative opportunity, but be aware that he is recruiting you into a Multi-level Marketing Company called Enagic and you will be required to recruit other people to join. You also need to have a nice Facebook Ads budget to run Ads and this budget can be quite huge. I’ve been there so I know what I’m talking about.

What’s In Nolans’ Membership Area

Nolan introduced you to his Membership area where he will teach you all the ropes of this automation business through tutorial videos. He called this course his Direct Sales Secrets Masterclass. He said that he has not held anything back, so you would be able to start making sales right away.

I can assure you that making sales right away might not be the case especially when Nolan refuses to let you know that without consistent advertising on Facebook or even Youtube, you will not get many leads, much more to get sales of these expensive water machines.

He mentioned that some people are scared to build funnels. However, he is assuring you that you have nothing to worry about as he would make the process easy for you by providing you with his done for you top converting sales funnel. So all objections that you might have as to whether or not you would be able to manage Nolans’ course have been squashed.

Most likely he is referring to top converting funnels from Click funnels. I’m almost sure that’s what he is using. This would mean that Nolan would also gain a commission from Click funnels as an Affiliate.

These gurus always pitched their products in webinars and carry on to tell you that it is worth X amount of money but please note that any guru can place a value of any amount on their product. It does not necessarily mean that the product is worth that amount.

This is just a marketing tactic by a number of online gurus. Don’t fall for it. The Dream Team that is managed by Mike and Darren stated that their sales funnel is worth $21,000, so as you can see, they can place any value on these products.

Have you noticed how he is stressing the whole idea of people with money on their Credit Card ready to buy into his so-called proven system? These gurus place more interest in sales than the value you would get from their products or services.

He mentioned customers and Reps coming through your funnel. What he meant by this is that when someone buys an Enagic water machine, that person can just remain a customer, but if that customer wants to enter the business, he or she can also be an independent distributor for Enagic.

Nolan assures you that his business model will allow you time freedom and it works on auto-pilot, making you money while you sleep. All of this sounds good but the sad news is that it will not really work for everyone as he would want you to think. I hope you are understanding how these sales funnel work for these Enagic gurus. Regardless of which group you join, the sales funnel method is all the same.

Do Research Before Getting Involved

In the final section of the webinar, Nolan is taking you on a scarcity guilt trip. Saying that there are people who make money and those who make excuses. He wants to make you think that you have to take action and there is no other time to take action but now. These tactics are used by a number of online gurus when they are conducting their webinars.

They will do all that they can to make you think that you are missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and if you do not take action now, you will remain where you are. These are lies and you should not fall for them. This can cause you to make the wrong decision and waste your hard-earned money.

Nolan is selling this Direct Sales Secret Course for $197 and he went on to say that if you do not take action now, the price might be increased to about $1000.
Guess what? He conducted this webinar in 2019 I believe, and at the very moment I’m writing the script for this video, the price is still $197.

This goes to show that you should not fall for these gimmicks from some of these gurus who prey on vulnerable individuals for their own financial gain. My advice to you is to spend time and do your research before you dive head-first into these MLM business opportunities. Research can really save you a lot of time and money.

I hope this article will help you to make the right decision on this business opportunity. Please share this article if you think it will help others.

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