The Multilevel Marketing and pryamid scheme

What You Need To Know About Multilevel Marketing

What You Need To Know About Multilevel Marketing

In this article, I will be looking briefly at the Multi-level Marketing industry, and some things that you should know to safeguard yourself from misinformation and scams. The Multi-level Marketing Business Opportunity seems to be popping up all over the internet now, more than ever. I was quite pleased when the Social Media Platform TikTok, took the bold and long-awaited step, to ban all Multi-level Marketing business opportunities from its Platform.


I would hope that other Social Media Platforms will follow suit and get this MLM saga under control. I know that Facebook Ads Policy number 21 prohibits MLM business opportunities on its Advertising Platform. However, some clever online gurus will always find loopholes on these platforms to continue to run their Ads.

YouTube Is A Goldmine For MLMs

Youtube is another goldmine for these gurus, promoting their MLM business opportunities. I have had numerous Ads popping up on Youtube videos I’m watching consistently. It’s really getting annoying now.

Let me tell you a little story. You wanna hear it? I know you would.
I was on Facebook a few days ago and an Ad popped up in my newsfeed. This was an Ad, promoting a work-from-home business opportunity. Actually, the Ad came from a member of an Enagic group called the Dream Team.

Multilevel marketing scam

Anyway, I decided to scroll through the comments to see what viewers were saying. A number of viewers were showing interest and wanted to know more about the business opportunity. I then add my comment and asked if it was Mike and Darren’s Enagic MLM business opportunity, even though I knew what the Ad was about.

I was a part of the Dream Team group at some point. My intention was to provide some hints to those vulnerable individuals who were requesting more information on this business opportunity.

I would hope that those individuals would have seen the keywords in my comment and done their research to learn more about Mike and Darren and their Enagic distributor business opportunity.

Now, here is the funny thing about this story. The Dream Team member for this Facebook Ad sent me a message to ask if I’m a Distributor. I responded to her by telling her to search my name on Youtube to know who I am. She responded some times later and asked me what’s the meaning of MLM.

Learn about Multilevel Marketing
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I was a bit surprised that she would ask me the meaning of MLM as I would think that if she is advertising a business opportunity to thousands of prospects, she should at least know the meaning of MLM, in the online space. My point is, these people went into this Multi-level Marketing business with little to no experience and also little training.

At the same time, they are running Ads to tell others that they are running their own successful online business and inviting them to a webinar to train them to do the same. Even though they might have never heard of MLM which means Multi-level Marketing.

Vulnerable Individuals Might Not Know What They Are Involved In

My take on this whole thing is that a number of people are lured into these MLM companies by groups utilizing a sales funnel. Some of them do not have a clue what they are getting into.

For this reason, I’ve shared the video in this article with you, so you can know what the Federal Trade Commission has to say about Multi-level Marketing Companies.


You have heard what the Federal Trade Commission has to say on this whole matter of MLMs and Pyramid schemes, and how you should not confuse them. Research is very important when you are considering joining an MLM Company.

I have to say that there are good and bad Multi-level Marketing companies out there. The goods sometimes are seen in a bad light because of some deceitful Distributors who recruit prospective individuals to be distributors via deceptive means.

Not being transparent about the business opportunity can be detrimental to vulnerable individuals. I’m sure you might have heard of people who are scammed by deceitful people for their own selfish financial gain.

I will end this article with this message.“Information is knowledge and the application of this knowledge is power.”

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