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The Dream Team Or The Nightmare Mike And Darren’s Business

The Dream Team Or The Nightmare Mike And Darren’s Business

Welcome to another mind-blowing article on The Dream Team Or The Nightmare Mike and Darren’s Business. A former member of Mike and Darren’s Enagic Recruitment business opportunity reached out to me and expressed her willingness to share her experience as a former member of the Dream Team.


The information provided here is based on her opinion and experience, as a former member of this questionable group who is using a sales funnel to recruit vulnerable individuals into a Multilevel Marketing Company called Enagic

Why Are You Reading This Article?

You are probably thinking of starting an online business because you have seen an advert on YouTube or Facebook about a lucrative work-from-home business opportunity. However, you are not getting the transparent information you need to make important financial decisions. It is likely that the advert is only showing you the overly sweetened “pros” and benefits of the “opportunity”, but you need more clarity on the way forward.

This written work is about the experience of a former member of “The Dream Team” being managed by Mike and Darren who claim to be digital marketers. They are using a sales funnel to promote a high-cost product from Enagic, which is a Japanese company specializing in water purification and alkalizing machines.

With these reflections, she does not intend to generalize, but to offer valuable information that she would have liked to receive from the beginning. She knows of some members of this system who have had results, but unfortunately, they have been a few among thousands.


When I came into this business I fell in love… well, I fell in love with the premise that I was almost certain to succeed with my effort and dedication. I liked the idea that it was made so explicit that it was not an overnight enrichment scheme, it made me confident because it is very clear to me that no great wealth is generated quickly.

mike and darren business opportunity

They specifically proclaim that it is a “90% Done-For-You Proven system“, meaning that it is up to you to put in 10% of your work, and if you don’t succeed, it is because of some fault of yours because what they offer is to ensure success. But despite all the investment, study, hours of dedication, and creativity wasted to do better than the competition, it did not work for me, nor for most, despite the thousand success stories that you will discover when you join the private Facebook group: “The Dream Team“.

Modesty aside, I consider myself pretty good with technology management, content creation, copywriting, and digital issues in general (operating on platforms, social networks, etc.). I do not intend to disappoint anyone involved in the business, but to offer detailed information on the access process until you become a distributor, a process that they have planned giving information “in dribs and drabs”.

Why is this the case? This will give them the opportunity to gradually convince you along the way, with the use of marketing strategies, which have an important psychological foundation. It’s like brainwashing, to a brain that is ready to be brainwashed! Such brainwashing is based on strategies that are not illegal, only ethically dubious. This is generally what happens with MLM systems.

Darren and Mike Scam
Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed

You come to this group needing people to trust (since you know many have been duped on the Internet), financial needs to be met, time to spend with your family, a chance to fire your boss, and you’re going to find group encouragement to get it done. Or at least you’re going to feel that way right off the bat… until you hit the reality.

My ultimate aspiration is that this information allows you to make better decisions, and not have to face an agonizing process in which you will feel like you are taking blind steps. Information about this system on the Internet is scarce, although, in the last few years, more reviews have appeared on YouTube and other channels where people have exposed their experiences.

In part, this is because they don’t have a particular name: for example, the private group is called The Dream Team, but you don’t find this out until you pay the $149. The company that provides the products and commissions is called Enagic, but you don’t find this out until you pay the $149.

Some people recognize it by the names of its creators: Mike and Darren, a Canadian couple who call themselves “online mentors“. Certainly, by not identifying the business with a defined public brand, they go unnoticed and it is more difficult to find information about them on the Internet. It is a relative lack of identity that protects them, while they remain actively operational recruiting people with advertising on social networks, but in a personal name, that is, under the name of the person who makes the advertisement.

12 minutes affiliate funnel

On the other hand, when you join they ask you not to share information outside the group, neither the name of the private group nor the name of the company, and basically nothing. From what I have learned from combined testimonials, this couple has initiated several legal proceedings against those who expose or criticize their system on the Internet. It’s always suspicious when there is so much to hide, isn’t it?

About Mike and Darren, “online mentors

You can find some articles in digital newspapers about Mike and Darren. Don’t be dazzled by this, because it doesn’t mean public or official recognition. These days, the easiest thing in the world is to pay newspapers to write an article about your business to give you publicity, or to interview you. Beware of this!

To illustrate, one such article appears in The Prague Post:

Darren And Mike Post
Online Gurus will pay to publish their posts for fake approval

Everyone wants to succeed in life. Everyone wants time to spend with their family and children. Many want to travel, to live their experiences to the limit, without depending on a boss, a poorly paid schedule, and a salary (or maybe well paid, but that still doesn’t make you “free“).

This is the premise with which this system plays because they know that many out there, probably most of us, as I was, are in a situation like this and are looking for a venture in the online world. They will offer you the solution on a golden platter.

PART 1. All That Glitters Is Not Gold! Watch Out For Facebook Ads

One day, while checking my Facebook wall, I came across a paid advertisement for a girl who was living the dream of her life. An immigrant living in the United States. I really identified myself with that ad. One thing you’ll find out later when you get into the business and learn how to make ads like that is that when you create an ad, you can choose who you want to see your ad.

This girl probably defined her audience with many aspects that I would identify with. Similar education and profession, and immigration status. Nowadays you may find hundreds of these ads on your wall, from different people, most of them very similar. Let’s take one of them as an example, and analyze its structure.

Here is an example below:

One Dream Team Member Facebook Ad
Facebook Ad Example

Here is another example where you can distinguish a pattern:

A Dream Team Member Facebook ADS
Facebook Ads Example

In a general sense, these are the most recognizable parts of them (I also did something similar!):

1. An introduction (I am so-and-so, with profession such-and-such, I come from such-and-such a place, and I have gone through such-and-such jobs and difficulties in my life).

This first testimonial part is important because if the target you have designed matches you, you will feel identified. On the other hand, it will give you the confidence to see the face of a real person with his family.

What are their desires and aspirations in life (spending more time with their family and children, not being tied to a 9 to 5 job, not having a boss, being the owner of their time, etc.)? In other words, WHAT EVERYBODY WANTS).

2. What you have found to solve it (an online system to create your own business, with features that are ALL positive):

You DON’T have to do traditional selling (like making phone calls or door-to-door visits).

You DON’T have to have previous experience or technology skills because you will be given step-by-step marketing training on a platform that you will have access to once you become an Enagic distributor.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, your nationality, education, or lack thereof: whether you are a housewife, a professional in the arts or sciences, a truck driver or a street vendor, whether you are Filipino or Colombian, it doesn’t matter.

Enagic sales funnel scam


All you need is a willingness to change for you and yours. You will have a community that will support you all the time. You will have a personal mentor and coach.

You will pay taxes as with any legal and serious business. The invitation to a free webinar on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to expand information, which really does not make you clear anything, but has the exclusive purpose of “hooking” you more.

The text will be accompanied by a video, an image, or a set of them (carrousel), with an attractive title (this one in the example “Dream Big, Live Big”, “Learn how to Start a Digital Business”, are quite common).

You’ll see lots of family photos (for the sake of showing the time you have or will have to share with them thanks to your business), trips, smiles, and more smiles. Happiness has to be explicit, and palpable.

In many cases, the success will be faked. For example, the girl in the second example, who claims to be successfully developing her business, well… hasn’t introduced anyone to The Dream Team, i.e. no one has joined her business through her ads.

Spend time doing your research. It will save you money and time.

She’s not even currently running ads! If you don’t want to pretend and blatantly lie, you will at least give the image that you have found the best deal of the century, an unmatched opportunity.

The latter might not strictly be considered lying, but withholding information. You will say all the supposed pros, and no cons, although in truth you still have no proof to affirm its functionality.

It’s just that… imagine… who else would be interested… You need to attract people. You will only grow your business with those who buy from you therefore, you will falsify a little in all your texts.

sell on facebook with big-commerce
Start an online store. Click on the image to learn more

The woman from whom I got into the business, my mentor, had a similar background to mine, came from the same country, had achieved the things I wanted to achieve, and had gotten to where I wanted to get to.

This could not go unnoticed! I had to contact her! I was thrilled! Sometime later I concluded that you can’t let emotions and excitement override your ability to accurately assess what ground you are treading on. But, believe me, that is VERY HARD TO ASSESS when you are seeing that everything fits perfectly.

Everything has a proper answer, everything “proves” that you have found a great online business opportunity when you don’t find anything negative on the Internet, and when you TRUST the person.

How could I not trust a fellow countrywoman, who had faced the same difficulties as me to achieve her dreams and give better opportunities to her loved ones?

PART 2. How To Dose Information So You Don’t Run Away

Okay, we are already involved to the hilt, we think we have found the business of the century, although we still don’t know what it’s all about, working from home and making the sums that will give you the desired financial freedom, while your business works in the “background” (“this is a tune that you will hear, and possibly say, a thousand times: “while I do this and that, my business works in the background, 24/7”).

By this they mean that your ad is posted on Facebook and Facebook is in charge of showing it to the target audience you have defined in your campaign, but not that it is running.

You will contact the person because you want to have a little more detail; at the end of the day, you are supposed to “invest”, you are going to put your money to start “your own business” (which in the end will be far from “your business”), and nobody wants to lose their money, right? Information is currently the most powerful weapon, therefore, you will ask for information from that lucky person whose ad attracted you.

But… what is he or she going to tell you? In the training you are taught to give answers that are as terse as possible, encouraging you to get more information when you pay the modest amount of $149. “Everything you want to know is on the other side of taking the plunge,” they usually reply. Or, “Watch the workshop and you’ll get more details.”

sell on amazon pinterest and facebook

But the workshop, webinar, or free class of about an hour and a half, is pretty vague. It’s also meant to get you excited about starting NOW, but it doesn’t really tell you how, or what product pays those high commissions you’ll receive.

There are prepared answers that they advise you to use when you start in the business and an interested party asks you. You may have already received an answer similar to this one:
We’ve put together a system that provides all the training and automation for your business start-up, marketing, and product with mentorship and support from a large community of successful entrepreneurs.

No sales. No bugging your friends and family

With an online business, you choose your hours and can work from anywhere there is wifi. The internet is an infinite pool of customers at your fingertips. Register your first name and email at (your landing page) and more info and the next step will be sent to you. If you are looking for an online business within a supportive community, you have found it.

But if you insist too much because evidently, it is not clear to you, they will give you the following arguments (again, these are pre-designed answers that all active users can use to answer to their interested parties, as it is placed in the training):

The workshop is only 90 minutes long because it explains the basics of our business model. Once you pay the refundable $149 you will receive our pre-coaching videos in your inbox.

They reveal the products, explain the commissions and everything else you need to know. You will also get added to our private Facebook group, where you can see everything for yourself. There are so many layers to this business that it would be really hard to explain everything within 90 mins and we also don’t want to overwhelm people.


We use FB advertising to attract people like you and me who are looking for another business opportunity in life that can provide us the time and freedom we want in life.

More answers:

Our main role within this business model is to help others work through our training site to get their business up and running. We teach everyday people how to use social media, specifically Facebook, to generate income. You don’t have to do any selling, just the marketing part.


Hi (Mary) all the answers to your questions are on the other side if you decide to join. The webinar is only an intro and is not able to cover all the material in the allotted time. Everything is explained in detail after you join and the fee to join is refundable. After you’ve looked at the business and decided it’s not for you, ask for your money back.

Mike and Darren questionable system
Information is knowledge.

This is to say, that it is clear that they will teach you how to use social networks to do “lifestyle” or “attraction marketing” (once again, the ad that attracted you on Facebook, about how good life is for having found this online business), that they cannot tell you the name of the company that pays the commissions so as not to overwhelm you with information. You don’t have to fear because the money is refundable.

In fact, it is not forbidden to tell you the name of the company in this step, only that it is not recommended, because once the person searches for Enagic and sees the prices of their water machines, he/she will give up.

Here you are STILL NOT going to find out that you will have to buy a product (or three, if they manage to convince you to go with the TRIFECTA package), to be an Enagic Distributor.

They will quickly tell you to join their Facebook Private Group. This strategy is for you to see posts from members about how much money they claim to be making. When you see all of these posts, you will be more likely to take the bait and purchase the Trifecta or a single machine because you believe that you will make your “investment” back in no time.

They say this step is a filter. That, obviously, if you don’t have the money to invest $149, you can’t get into a business like this, and if you really want to change your life you have to take the risk, take the plunge and wait patiently for the next step for more information.

PART 3. The Dream Team, Your Host Family In The Online World

And now, what is the next step?

Well, you decide to pay the $149 with the promise of more information to follow, and you have nothing to lose, as you have a limited time to decide whether to join or not, and in case you don’t, you can ask for your money back.

Well. You pay and they immediately give you a warm welcome to their private Facebook group, called THE DREAM TEAM. You get a rush! Hundreds of people welcome you! You think you’re in the right place because… how is it possible that hundreds of people are faking it, or not getting results in their business?

You’ve hit the nail on the head: you’ve found the perfect business and the perfect team! Nice, caring, and supportive people? This is the welcoming style of the private group “The Dream Team“:

Mike and Darren Action Taker Message
Screenshot of Dream Team member Ads

They also usually create a welcome post to newcomers mentioning the following: ACTION TAKER ALERT, with the tagline (which I also used in some of my posts: “Action taker of today is the millionaire of tomorrow”.

Dream Team Welcome Message
Action Taker Alert!

I don’t know if you are noticing, but everything is aimed at giving you comfort and recognition, to compensate for the blind steps you are taking… because there are still the most difficult steps, which are the purchase of one or more Enagic products, and they have to erase all objections and convince you of the potential of the business.

The positive spirit is contagious and little by little you will start to be, or to act, like those who received you there. You will welcome all those who join the group after you congratulate those who have received profits in a “payday” (as they usually call a commission received from Enagic), etc.

Mike and Darren Business Potential
This business opportunity is saturated. Don’t waste your money.

In a way, this is a space to be positive and motivating. Here is the biggest WIN of the business; When you pay the $149 and start receiving daily bombardments of these posts in the Dream Team, with people living their life’s dream and showing their earnings, you are already sure that you will get your share too.

So, this is the step in the process where you discover that you have to buy a very expensive machine, but this deterrent will be offset by THIS POWERFUL CONVENTION STRATEGY which is to receive the daily impact of the DREAM TEAM SUCCESS POSTINGS. It won’t be that hard for you to take the next steps.

I felt, let’s say… welcomed. But the extremes are there… so much positivity, that nothing negative or questionable is admitted. You can’t post doubts, fears, or complicated questions… you should leave that to the mentor or coach, otherwise, you’ll spoil the look of the group and the newcomer will have doubts when reading your own concerns.

Mmmmm… but well, you get there again, with a lot of doubts… you want to know the experience of others, of those people that with so much joy publish in the group their successes. Postings with the amount of money they have made… most of the time thousands and thousands of dollars in a day, or in a month, much more than what an average salary could give you.

Dream Team Enagic Scam System
Don’t believe the deceit and lies.

You keep convincing yourself! Wow, I’ll be the next one to make that kind of money! But the truth is that these people’s posts represent a very small percentage of the 70 thousand or probably now many more members that the team has.

When you write to someone with questions, what will be their reply? That you should write to your mentor (the person from whom you joined the group), that he/she will answer all your questions, and that no negativity or criticism is allowed in that public space. “Well, I just want to know how you’re doing, man, from a personal point of view”. Boom, a wall.

They also tell you that you can count on the coach, and write to him (that is the person with whom you will have a half-hour phone call, he will explain to you the best way to start the business -with TRIFECTA-, and will clarify all your doubts). But, generally, after the call, you will not talk to this person again.

The coach will always be busy, so you will be referred to the mentor. Well, let’s continue… you have limited time to watch the videos, and you already want to know what this business is all about in detail.

PART 4. Living An Illusion And Dying Of Disappointment. Enagic And Its Commission Chart.

You watch the videos, well organized to entice you even more if you are not already sufficiently enticed and convinced that you are in the right place. You’ll see a few TESTIMONIALS of people who have changed their lives in a few months.

They look (and probably are) good people, they seem nice and genuinely happy about the change… Indeed, those testimonials are true… of the few people who have achieved success… in proportion to the majority.

How do I know this… It’s not hard to do research on the private Facebook group “The Dream Team“; although I learned that over time. There, everyone has to welcome the person they have recruited for the business; therefore, you can find out how many people someone has managed to convince over time, and whether they have been successful or not because you can find out if the person you have recruited has also recruited someone else.

A man confused about his vision for life

In the group’s search engine, you can do your own research without having to ask anyone. Keep track of the results (or lack thereof) of each person.
In The Dream Team, everyone seems happy… but in truth, hundreds cry in a sea of tears. These sadnesses are not expressed in the private group, nor are the high chances of failure.

Let’s continue. Among the pre-coaching call videos, you will also see, for the first time, the name and presentation of the company, ENAGIC, which sells water machines for prices over a thousand dollars (two thousand, three thousand, four thousand), as well as other products, such as turmeric capsules or tea, or water filters for showers and bathtubs, also at high prices.

It presents itself as “the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines in the world”, with its 40-odd years of experience and all the international certifications that this Japanese company has. Any information about Enagic is public on the Internet.

I would like to share with you the dollar prices of their products:
I am not going to get into discussing whether or not such water machines are beneficial to health. In the scientific community, there are those who say yes, and there are those who say no. You can research on the Internet, or with serious scientific sources, and you will see conflicting opinions. In other words, deciding whether or not alkaline water is beneficial to your health will basically depend on your faith in alkaline water.

Enagic Products
Enagic expensive products.

Then you will see the most important video: the commission system. How does it work? Well, both for direct and indirect sales. I will not go into detail because you can find many videos on the Internet that explain it, and it is a bit complex to explain it if it is not done graphically.

The commissions are quite high, obviously because the products are worth thousands of dollars. Those commissions are the ones you will get if you get someone to join the business through you, just like you are thinking of doing now, convinced by seeing so many fantastic testimonials that will make you believe that with enough effort and dedication, you will be the next one to make it.

All right, you’re “just about ready to go”. You don’t need any experience in technology, and although you don’t really know what the training is about, you have been promised that anyone can go through it without major inconveniences because everything is there step by step. That’s true, the training is not bad, but it’s not that great either.

You can find that kind of training yourself on the Internet (on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc., there are thousands of videos and tutorials on YouTube completely free, and other much more complete courses for modest sums). But well, here we have the advantage that everything is gathered in one place, we will not criticize more than what is fair.

The TRIFECTA, I forgot to mention it, is a way to enter the business that many choose (me among them) because it is supposedly the best way to start since you will start being 2A instead of 1A and you will receive double the commissions (double the commissions you can reach perfectly by yourself if you start with only one machine and manage to sell two more; then you will already be 2A).

But well, do you want to start as a 2A? Then buy the TRIFECTA, three products from Enagic: a machine, better the K8, which is worth $4980 (my goodness!), some turmeric capsules called Ukon, for over a thousand dollars, and a water filtering machine for shower or bathtub (Anespa) which is worth about $2890.

Well, you cough up almost $10k and you’re off to a great start in this business. This, although it positions you as a 2A, is a simple and effective strategy to make you buy more products.
Here is the commission chart for direct and indirect sales, according to your level:

Enagic Commission Chart
Enagic expensive water machines.

PART 4B. The Coach’s Call, How To Get Convinced To Start With Trifecta

If you have reached this step you should know that you will no longer get the $149 back, regardless of whether you say yes or no after the call. If you make the call you lose that money upfront, because that’s the time coaches get paid for making the calls.

The coach will logically try to be approachable and convincing. He will ask you about your goals and desires in starting this business, and that the sky will be your limit. And of course, he will convince you that there is no better way to start the business than with TRIFECTA.

Mike and Darren Six Figure Business
Don’t put yourself in debt.

If you’re going to start, do it the best way possible, right? Well, here we go, head out to get the $10,000, apply for a loan, or empty the savings account for the down payment you had in mind for the house of your dreams. If you start without TRIFECTA, buying a single product and starting as a 1A, the minimum you can spend is a thousand and some dollars.

You take the big step and say yes to your mentor and coach. They send you the paperwork to sign and pay. Once Enagic processes your order, they will send you the products in a few days or weeks.

Products that, in my opinion (and after months of using them), are totally overpriced, because water purification machines are available for hundreds of dollars (or less), not for $4980, and turmeric pills are available from very good companies for very reasonable prices. A machine to filter bathwater and mineralize it does not cost $2890.

In the meantime, lest you lose your enthusiasm for the hit you’ve taken on your bank account, your mentor may post a message on the private Facebook group “The Dream Team” saying something like: “Official Business Owner“. Everyone will congratulate you for starting “your own business” in the best way.

PART 5. Abracadabra – Training Is Unlocked, Prepare Your Pocket For Facebook Ads Expenses

As I said before, the training is not bad, although it is not difficult to find this info on Google and YouTube. The problem is that for those who know absolutely nothing about Facebook Ads, this training will seem perfect. It is a set of videos and documents that you can watch and read at your own pace.

It explains how to open an administrator account in the Business Manager, the creation of your ad (yes, like the one you saw and attracted you on Facebook and for which you entered the business), basic questions about advertising on various social networks, etc.

The technical team will create a website for you, but you have to buy the domain and the professional email from GoDaddy, so keep in mind that… there are more expenses. Moreover, you will have to define a budget for your ads.

As if it wasn’t enough for what you have already paid, you must now psych yourself up and get ready to “invest” at least $300 per month in your ads. With $10 a day, some have been successful, but it will be very difficult with how competitive the market is nowadays.

Facebook will not show your ad to the whole world, but to a very limited number of people for that budget. So you might want to “do it right“, like me, and invest up to $20 a day or $600 a month for Facebook to show your ads a little more.

Facebook Funnel System Mike And Darren

You will have to open a business page on Facebook and you will post 3 times a day (this is what they recommend). If you have a good rhythm for this task over the months you will adopt a slightly annoying, not to say edulcorate and flippant posting style: “

I have made good decisions by joining this “business”. “I live life on my own terms thanks to this business”. “Success is not a fluke, it comes from effort and dedication”.

“It’s time to take charge of your life and take the plunge”, along with images and famous motivational phrases, like the ones that flood Facebook. It can be very exhausting, especially when you are promoting business benefits that you yourself are not receiving.

72% cool off. the 2 year nord vpn plan
72% cool off. the 2 year Nord VPN plan

They also suggest a lot to share your life, your day-to-day life, so people see that you are real and not a scammer trying to sell you fake stuff. For reserved people like me, this was overexertion… but it’s all about the business, right?

At first, you won’t have any followers on your page, and to get to 50 organic followers so that Facebook will look favorably on you and allow you to run your first paid ad campaign, you’ll ask for help from “The Dream Team” members, who will gladly “like” your newly created business page.

When these people create their ads, it is also very common for them to ask the members of the group to “season” them. “Please, help me season my ad” so that interested people who see my ad and don’t know me at all will feel confident.

Since others have already made complimentary comments about the business, or have asked what it’s about, and of course, the newcomer to my ad will feel more confident by not being the first to ask.

It’s like a chain effect… they see someone who has already broken the ice, and it’s easier for them to get emboldened and find out what it’s all about. Once again, I was beginning to find this approach both unfortunate and disingenuous.

PART 6. The Masterminds, How To Keep You Hooked On The Laws Of Attraction

Well, here comes one of the most interesting parts. After you come to reason with clarity and without so much glitter around you, you wonder how on earth you got so alienated by the siren songs. I felt at ease, I’m not going to lie.

I thought I was getting the best version of myself with this system and with these people inside the business. It is precisely that feeling and that optimism, the false hope, plus the strength that they breathe into you every Wednesday to keep going, THAT KEPT ME PUTTING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS EVERY MONTH INTO MY ADS.

Every Wednesday I would watch for an hour, or maybe two, sometimes a little longer, as Mike and Darren, sometimes other leaders, run the masterminds from their mansion in Canada. They are one of the few who have made millions with this system and, frankly, when you see what they have built with this business, which they don’t hesitate to brag about, it gives you the delusion that you should continue because at the end of the day, no one is better than anyone else and you are putting your best effort into it. I wasn’t asking for that much, just to get my investment back, of course, and some extra monthly income.

Normally, in these masterminds, the story of someone successful in the business is presented. Generally, it is about a person who has had to work hard to get results, has been discouraged, and is about to give up because he didn’t see it working… until one day he started to get results!… So, how could you give up on all the roads you had already traveled?

The Laws of Attraction or the seed of sectarianism?

This was one of the few things that struck me as odd from the beginning. Intentions are fine, and positivism is fine, but you have to be realistic. There can be no room for respectful criticism and no room to express your frustration or concern about the lack of results is not right.

Mike and Darren False Claims

This group likes to allude a lot to the Laws of Attraction. If you have negative ideas you will attract negative effects in your life and if, on the contrary, you throw yourself into life with optimism and gratitude, karma will do the same for you and you will be successful in your personal life and business.

It is very common to see posts and comments on the Dream Team about how blessed they are to have found this opportunity and the “thank you, thank you, thank you” to Mike and Darren for creating that system.

It’s all very well to be grateful for the things in life, but this here goes overboard, especially since this business isn’t exactly a blessing for most. But they are enraptured by the illusion of success of others, THE DREAM TEAM ILLUSION.

For this reason, they have a book that works as a bible or bedside text within the group, and it is one of the first tasks they recommend completing in the training: reading The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne.

The book is not bad, although it’s a bit weird about talking to the stone, but hey, if it helps people, that’s fine by me. This book is basically about what I’m talking about the workings of the Law of Universal Attraction, and it has exercises to do every day.

Because of things like this, at times the group felt like a cult to me. The positive spirit that is generated is contagious, as I was explaining, to the point that it can completely blind you. You too will welcome anyone who joins the Dream Team. You will say they are in the best business in the world.

You will congratulate those who have made money and published it. You will call SISTER, or SIS to your teammates within the group, you will thank Mike and Darren in the comments of their posts for the amazing system they have created, and you will continue to make better ads, trying and trying.

And little by little you will start to fall apart inside.

PART 7. Who Is Successful In The Business? The Niche, Chance, And Ingenuity

This business is not about mastering Facebook or other social networks or platforms where digital marketing is possible. I, besides passing the training, studied and learned on my own about Facebook ads and about marketing in general, and it didn’t do me much good in practice, except for acquiring pure knowledge.

As I have explained before, I put in a lot of hours a day, I sacrificed sleep time because I had to combine the business with my work, and I also had a lot of motivation, and an important feeling of responsibility with my actions, since I had invested months of savings for this dream.

It is a matter of luck most of the time, pure CHANCE. If you find a virgin market niche, one that is susceptible to receiving ads of this type, and where the competition, your business partners, have not arrived before (which most of the successful ones find without applying any particular strategy), you have hit the jackpot.

Those I’ve seen succeed, who have even presented their 6A or higher story at masterminds, as usual, probably wouldn’t have done any better than you. In fact, from many of these presentations, I could deduce that I consumed and devoted an amount of time to the business that some of them had not required, and literally, they had gotten the SURPRISE of great results without doing too much.

I remember the case of a girl of African origin who had emigrated to the United States, with little education, a very low level of English, and 0 technological or marketing knowledge, who presented her story in a mastermind: it was already 6A2 and she still could not believe the amount of money she was making. For her, evidently, this business was a blessing and the most recommendable in the world. You looked at her and asked yourself: IF SHE COULD, WHY WOULDN’T I?

Her niche market was people from her home country. If you looked in detail (researching the people on her team in the Facebook group The Dream Team), the team she was creating was made up of people who at least appeared to have a very candid and confident projection on Facebook, perhaps people very unaccustomed to receiving this type of advertisement from a successful compatriot.

Here is the case of a lady who has reached level 6A2-3 in a dizzying way. These cases can be counted on the fingers of one hand in the business; you can find other 6A2-3 who are Enagic distributors, but do not belong to this group and have sold the products with other systems (and who have spent many, many years to achieve it).

Well, the person in question receives a lifetime monthly bonus from the company for $5000. She exploited the still virgin Philippine niche market, climbing rapidly to that position. Now the business is flooded with Filipinos and very few have such extraordinary results. Clearly, the niche is saturated.

On the other hand, there is nothing unique about this person’s ads. In fact, they are unsubtle in relation to the presentation of the “business opportunity”. I read them and it just makes my hair stand on end from the scammy results. If I had read these ads, I would never have joined the business.

This is Mike and Darren’s presentation in the group to celebrate the success of the lady, who must be freaking out about the Enagic bonuses:


Enagic Bonuses

In the Dream Team, most will not be successful at all, contrary to what they will make you believe if you try hard, persist, and invest more and more in ads. But let’s talk with data that can be verified by anyone who pays the initial $149.

If you go to today: January 2021, there are just over 600 Moderators, in a group of 70 thousand members… to be a moderator you have to be a coach, and to be a coach you have to have reached 4A, meaning you’ve already had some sales along the way.

Keep in mind that out of those 70k members not all of them have become Enagic distributors… they have only paid the initial $149 and are just sitting there, watching to see what happens and if they decide to become Enagic distributors (fence sitters, as they are often called in the group). In the meantime, the publications of money earned on a “payday” are working their magic on the hesitant ones.

Making a conservative calculation, let’s say that of those 70 thousand, only 30 thousand are distributors. That is, I am making a hypothetical calculation assuming that less than half of them have decided to become Enagic distributors and have “their own business”, which is not really theirs, as you may have already noticed. This would yield that only 2% of those 30 thousand distributors have some degree of success, or at least have managed to make some sales.

ANOTHER TIP: To find out who is running ads (therefore, who are 100% sure our distributors), you can head over to FACEBOOK AD LIBRARY. In this sort of ADS LIBRARY, you can put in the name of the business (which is usually the name of the person: So-and-so, or So-and-so Marketing, or things like that, and see if they have active ads). I spent many hours in the Facebook Ad Library studying the ads of the competition, especially those that had succeeded.

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Another important issue is when you join the team. When this business started a few years ago, the competition was much smaller, obviously. They will tell you: “Facebook and networks are growing every day, every day with more users and more people connected to the Internet, there are seas of opportunities to find the right niche out there”.

This is true, but you have to realize also that a few years ago there were very few doing these ads, and now Facebook, despite its growing number of users, is flooded with people who want to do the same as you.

The team is growing by the thousands every month, and those, whether you like it or not, are your competition. Many Facebook users will be fed up with receiving similar advertising (from you and your competitors) and will start reporting those ads on the platform. I know of many, many cases of complaints because those annoyed people have explicitly expressed it, in the comments of the ads.

I did get a few buyers, some of them became distributors, but I didn’t even come close to paying the debt of the entry fee. One fine day, after months of work, I made the decision not to throw any more money at ads that I had no idea if they were going to work or not, neither I nor my mentor.

I knew that if I didn’t stop, the monthly spending of $300 to $600 (I even went as high as $800 a month on one occasion) would have to continue, in the hope that the time would come when someone would take the bait.

On the other hand, I was beginning to get a bad taste for the procedure. It seemed to be ethically dubious, even though there were plenty of good people in the business. It has nothing to do with one thing with the other.

But I think we have all been deeply brainwashed, over time, with the techniques I mentioned earlier, to convince us that “the procedure is fine, and it is completely ethical, legitimate and authentic business”, as hundreds like to boast in their ads, in the face of the fears and skepticism of the interested parties.

It’s all very subtle. From the outside and without having started it may appear to you that one is foolish, but when you are involved and are driven by a dream, it is very easy for such well-planned tactics to play with your brain.

I felt bad not being able to offer all the information from the beginning. It’s not that it was forbidden, it just wasn’t suggested. The system was set up to dose the info so that you get the right stimuli at the right time, like joining the Dream Team.

Mike and Darren Fake It To Make It Strategy

When you’re watching the pre-coaching call videos you’re finding out you have to buy a thousand-dollar machine. That pays off, because joining the Dream Team with all the testimonials of success, makes you believe that you will more than likely make that money back.

I had to hide information from them and give it to them a little at a time. I had to let the DREAM TEAM effect work! This only happens after they decide to pay $149 by taking a blind step! Do you understand how twisted it all is?

A business that requires such a high investment, in my opinion, has to dot the i’s and cross the t’s from the very beginning. Make things very clear. All the pros and cons on the table, not all the subtle management to convince you nor the Dream Team, which is like a hallucinogenic drug, to play with your brain.

You can’t put so much investment in just because it SEEMS like everyone else is successful. Nor because “for sure if you work hard you will succeed“. I put effort and desire into everything I do in life, and this business is all noise and no action for most of the people involved.

This system of “droppers” in the proportion of information saves their asses because they can’t be blamed for anything. You alone have taken the steps to become a distributor.

On the other hand, there was the MORAL COMMITMENT to the people I had attracted to the group and turned into my team, NONE of whom had any results, despite all the meetings we had together to plan the best way to present our ads, or case studies according to each one’s particular background and interests, that would be useful to better define their potential audience.

It was starting to be painful to see these people, my team, pretending happiness for the supposed golden nugget found with the business, and breaking down with me because of how frustrated they were at the lack of results. Sadly, I could only give them words of encouragement and cheer, and think of new ways to do better, the same thing my mentor was doing with me (sometimes), to keep me operational in the business, and attract more people, which, of course, would benefit him. I began to be disgusted by my own ads.

Conclusion – Learn From Every Failure

I don’t like to cry over spilled milk. You have to face the decisions you make, even if the consequences hurt. One has to know when to wake up from the dream and say enough is enough. Also, see what is profitable. There is always something profitable to be found in the incursions one has in life.

This business has helped me to grow in the online world, where it is very easy to get carried away by siren songs because nowadays marketing strategies are very sophisticated.

I try to get something out of everything that happens in my life, and experience. This was not the business that changed my life, this was a lousy business in which I lost an amount of money that took me years to earn, and on top of that, I was convinced that I was going to multiply it. They came at the right time. Just when I needed them to tell me: come on, this is the right business, and we are going to help you get it.

YOU MIGHT BE IN THAT SITUATION RIGHT NOW. You’re trying to make a decision, you’re scared, you’re skeptical, and it’s good that you are! Don’t let yourself be dazzled and weigh the facts well.

This explanation I am giving you is to save you headaches and to know well how the whole system works from beginning to end. You can expect them to tell you that everything is great (“There is no business opportunity like this out there”, they will tell you). You might get LUCKY and get results, but… DON’T LEAVE YOUR MONEY TO LUCK!

BEWARE OF SIREN SONGS AND BRAINWASHING. I don’t consider myself a dumb person. I graduated from College with Honors and have several Graduate Degrees, but still, I let myself be bewitched. One thing has nothing to do with the other. There are a lot of smart people here who have screwed up like me and have realized it a bit late (but at least they realized it).

Mike And Darren Facebook Ads Expense

Attention! You will most likely hear them repeat ad nauseam that this is not an MLM, and this is not a Pyramid Scheme. But let me disagree. Their main argument will be that of Direct Sales, because you, a newcomer, through direct sales, can make more money than your mentor or coach, who started before you and is higher up the chain.

But this is not enough of an argument. It is still a Multilevel Marketing Scheme. This is a very long topic that would give for yet another presentation. You can investigate for yourselves how such schemes work, and draw your own conclusions from the information I have provided.

Back to my conclusions. Every failure is a learning experience. I have acquired new knowledge. I can definitely now use the tools of Facebook and other social networks for marketing, in a more transparent and honest way. In a venture that does not involve so many dark areas.

I know that my next steps will be safer, and I am no longer afraid of falling in love with a similar business model, which only produces disappointment. I have a better idea of how things work on the Internet, a product of all my research to do better in that business and get results.

And above all, I do not let myself be dazzled by anything, nor by what seems to fit perfectly by first “evidence” and impressions. You have to dig deep like a detective, and if they don’t give you the right information, get out of there, and never give money until things are clear.

I repeat once again that I do not intend to bash people who have been successful, who still have or some who surely still will. I just want to warn those who are starting out, to evaluate all the facts before making a decision, try to put excitement aside, think with a cool head, go into details… and then decide.

Beware Of Scams On The Internet
Don’t be dazzled by fake data.

You could say that I have been a model of a good student and worker in this business. A model of the application. I followed the training step by step, religiously. I even studied it completely more than once.

I never missed a mastermind. I bought and studied many other courses on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and social media advertising, to delve into all possible resources that would allow me to distinguish myself from the competition and act on a niche market receptive to my message.

Draw your own conclusions and good luck in your next ventures on the Internet!

Wow! This is a well-detailed article from a former member of Mike and Darren’s Nightmare Group. I must say a BIG thank you to this individual. The more we expose these scammy systems out there, the more we will save vulnerable individuals from losing huge sums of their hard-earned cash from their 9-5 jobs to these scammy business models.

If you think this article was beneficial to you, then please share it with the world by hitting the Social share buttons below. Thank you for reading this article to the end.

Leonard Henry
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16 Replies to “The Dream Team Or The Nightmare Mike And Darren’s Business

  1. Thank you so much for this article. I signed up with them, I saw it on YouTube, its very influential. I asked what will be the cost. I was told its $149 only and I should budget my self $300-$400 per month for marketing. A month later I joined, then I got to understand I will have to buy trifecta for $10000 plus. I least I lost my $149, but if it wasn’t for this article it could be thousands. I appreciate this very much.

  2. So glad this article exists. This business is definitely over saturated even though they say it is not. Right now the Filipino, African and Muslim community is the “chosen” niche so many of these community of people are joining this business. Not only that, they have sections in the training about how to deal with disabled ad accounts because it happens a lot to many people, even brand new people who follow the training but then are blamed that they must have not followed the training if you got disabled. Very few successful people in this business. It’s all an illusion and an expensive one.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I’ve been preaching to individuals that this business opportunity is very saturated but unfortunately, many people still fall for their lies and scam. There are a lot of other affordable online business opportunities out ther that people can succeed with. Please share this blog and and tell your story.

  3. I also became part of this business in 2020. This article is spot on. They don’t tell you how incredibly hard it is now to advertise this ‘business model” on FB. You are constantly getting restricted from advertising since it is looked at like MLM so FB doesn’t like that. I made no money in this business in being in it almost 2 years. They say its very easy business to do but it really is not at all. Don’t waste your time.

    1. Wow! I’m so sorry that you have spent 2 yrs with this group and haven’t made any money from it. I know fully well that Facebook is shutting their accounts down and that is the reason why a number of them are running to YouTube. It would be good for Youtube to follow suit and shut their accounts down also. Thanks for sharing your comment.

  4. I joined the Dream team unaware that I would have to pay so much money I was scammed and betrayed by those thieves,I did asked for help to set up my funnel only to be told read the instructions, they were only interested in getting thousands of dollars out of me, those guy should not be able to run such a business based on lies and misleading information

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you have lost money with Mike and Darren sketchy system. You can always share your experience through written content. I would post your written content on this blog to warn other individuals.

    1. I’m delighted that you are one of the smart ones who had done some research before parting with your hard earned cash. Their sketchy business model does not worth your time and money.

  5. Absolutely! I created videos about their “system” and they are less than thrilled. However, I will continue to tell stories of those who have been damaged by their system and MLM in general.

    1. Thank you for your input. You have been inspiring and brave. In fact, you have given me and others the voice to speak out on these Charlatans who prey on vulnerable individuals for their vain financial gain.

  6. You are welcome. I’m working on a video of this article to make it even easier for visitors to digest this information.

    Some people will find it convenient to watch a video than to read through all the content. This will ensure that they get all the information.

  7. A necessary article, since there are still not enough voices on the Internet that denounce this system. We also need people to wake up from the nightmare of the Dream Team / Mike and Darren funnel, because it can be very difficult recognize the sophisticated strategies they use to keep you interested by putting your money in the business.
    Thank you Leonard for sharing the experiences of other individuals affected by this system.

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