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How To Tell If A Business Has An Active Facebook Ad Campaign

How To Tell If A Business Has An Active Facebook Ad Campaign

In this article, I will be looking at how to tell if a business has an active Facebook Ads Campaign. Why would it be necessary for anyone to know if a business has an active Ad Campaign? Let me shine the spotlight on two groups namely, Social Media Marketing Agencies and Personal Interest groups, and explain why they might be interested in this information.


[Watch the video tutorial above to learn how to check if a business is running Facebook Ads.]

Social Media Marketing Agencies and Personal Interest groups have used a simple tactic to determine whether or not a business has active Facebook Ads Campaigns. The role of a social media marketing agency is to use its marketing expertise to promote businesses on Social Media so having information on the marketing status of businesses is very important to them. Personal Interest groups can also use this information for their own fact-finding and personal interests.

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After collecting this valuable information, the Social Media Marketing Agency can contact these businesses that are not utilizing Facebook Advertising Platform to market their products or services and offer the service to manage Facebook Ads Campaigns for them.

Many Business Owners Are Not Taking Advantage Of Facebook Advertising

Many business owners are not taking advantage of Facebook Advertising for their businesses. Of course, not every business will accept the offer to have their advertising campaign managed by a third party. However, some will gladly agree to try the Facebook Marketing strategy out.

Some Businesses Do Not Have A Marketing Team

Unfortunately, some business owners do not know how to use Facebook to promote their products or services. They might not even have a marketing team to do their marketing campaign. It would make sense for them to seek a Social Media Marketing Agency to manage their advertising campaigns.

Contact Businesses That Are Not Running Ads

The approach would be to send these businesses or individuals emails requesting to manage their social media marketing campaigns. If they agree to the request, then the marketing agency would take it from there.

managing your facebook ads

But the question you might be asking is, How did they know that these businesses are not running Facebook ads? I will now share with you the tactic used by Social Media Marketing Agencies and Personal Interest groups for determining whether or not a business has an active Facebook Ads Campaign.

The Tactic Used

The Social Media Marketing Agencies and Personal Interest groups would log in to their own Facebook Business or personal Page. They would type a business name into the search bar that is located on the left-hand side of the screen then hit the enter key.

If the business has a Facebook Business Page, it will appear in the search results. They will click on the business name to open the business page. (Watch the video tutorial above, to see how it is done).

Information Gathering

There is some important information the agency can gather from the business page like email addresses, telephone numbers, the business websites, page likes, number of followers, and so on.

The Social Media Marketing Agency and Personal Interest groups would record that information for future use.
They would scroll down to the bottom of the page and look to the left for the Page Transparency tab.

The Facebook Page Transparency

The Facebook Page Transparency provides valuable information about the Business Page. For example, the date the page was created, whether or not the owner has changed the page name, how many times the page name was changed, and most of all, if the business or individual has an active Facebook Ad campaign.

Facebook Page Transparency
Facebook Page Transparency

Click on the link to the right of the Page Transparency tab which says, [see all]. The new page that opens up will have a message at the bottom that tells if the page owner has an active Ad campaign.

Active Ad Campaign

If the Business has no active Ad campaign, the Social Media Marketing Agencies have the grand opportunity to contact the Business and pitch its offer to manage the Ad campaign for them. The business might accept or reject the offer.

Business Owners Contact Information

You might say, how did the agency get the contact information for the business. The business owner provides all the contact information on the business page.

Facebook page
Advertisers Fanpage Info

How Interest Groups Could Use This Information

There is a lot that Social Media agencies and Personal Interest groups can do with this valuable information that Facebook provided. They can use this method to tell if a business has an active Facebook Ad Campaign. They could also report an Ad if they think it is deceptive or misleading.

Facebook page transparency information
Facebook Fanpage Information

Utilize This Information

Now you know how to tell if a business has an active Facebook Ad Campaign. Thanks to Facebook for providing this piece of information in a bid to highlight transparency.


I hope that this information was helpful for you and, you will use it effectively. Share this information with others if you think they will benefit from it.

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