Mike And Darren Enagic

The Cultic Nature Of Mike And Darren Dream Team Community

The Cultic Nature Of Mike And Darren Dream Team Community

Mike and Darren are two Canadian Independent Distributors for a Multilevel Marketing Company called Enagic. This is a Japanese-based company and they manufacture water machines and other products which some distributors claim are good for your health.  I will be looking at the cultic nature of Mike and Darren’s private Facebook group, called the Dream Team.

How Did Mike And Darren Create The Dream Team Group?

It all started with a Facebook or YouTube advertisement, in which you are introduced to a training program that they claim will teach you how to use their “90% done for you business model” to market a high-ticket product. This business model, in my opinion, is simply a sales funnel used as a disguise, to recruit vulnerable individuals to be Enagic Distributors the easy way. Unfortunately, you will not know what the high-ticket product is, or how you will start earning commissions until you pay the upfront fee of $149.

I have written other articles that explain Mike and Darren’s questionable business model. I will not go into details about how you are recruited to join their Dream Team group, as those articles are readily available on the Passive Move Blog website for you to check out.

My focus will be on the cultic nature of their Dream Team community and how members, in my opinion, are brainwashed to do what they do. However, before I dive into the cultic nature of the group, let me give you a brief history of how Mike and Darren started with Enagic.

How Did It All Start For Mike And Darren?

In 2010, Darren claimed that he went to a water party held by a local Vancouver distributor. Darren was a dietician at the time, so he understood perfectly the link between water and appropriate hydration, as well as a healthy body.

However, he said that he was unable to acquire a Kangen water machine at the time due to a lack of funds. Years later, when Darren had met Mike and they had formed a relationship, fate intervened.

After a successful commercial partnership, life came full circle, and Kangen Water crossed their paths once more. This time around, the timing was ideal. In an ironic sense, the narrative of how they got started is amusing. Darren’s enthusiasm for nutrition stayed the same even though he was working online.

Mike And Darren Did Their Research Before Joining Enagic

Like many others, they had done their “online research”, and after reading articles in Google Search results, they discovered that the information was sponsored, meaning that they were at the top of Google Search, not because the information was the best, but because the ad placement was paid for.

They chose not to buy an Enagic machine based on what they believed they understood. In reality, they bought their first water ionizer from a different company. They used it for approximately four months when a coworker inquired if they’d heard of Enagic. “Well, yeah, but we opted to buy a different brand instead, and we hate it!” Mike and Darren lamented.

K8 Enagic machine
K8 Enagic Flagship Water Ionizer Machine

They were simply dissatisfied with the previous machine. Fortunately, one of their colleagues already owned a K-8 Leveluk water machine and was able to persuade them to give it a shot. “We were convinced of Enagic’s improved quality and performance after just one week of switching machines!”, claimed these two Enagic Distributors.

Why Did Mike And Darren Decide To Join Enagic?

Darren and Mike jumped right into the company after gaining trust in the Enagic product. “Now that we had a firm grasp on the goods we had to offer, we jumped at the chance to become distributors right away,” said Mike and Darren.

When we looked through the unique compensation model, as two serial entrepreneurs, we immediately realized the potential. It was very thrilling for us to have the chance to enhance our health, as well as the health of others, while also increasing our wealth. We worked hard and achieved the rating of 6A3-2 in less than two years”. Claimed Mike and Darren.

Darren And Mike Claim They Had Several Challenges

Darren and Mike had several challenges, as with any company endeavor, but they never let it dampen their enthusiasm or dedication. They claimed that their mentor essentially abandoned them a few months after they got their business up and running.

“We had previously worked together, so we weren’t entirely surprised, but it was still a personal and professional blow. We were working together at the time to create a network of distributors that could assist each other thrive and improving lives. We were physically thrown out of a community that we had worked to create”. They claimed!

But, as is frequently the case in life, it is the most difficult trials that make them the most resilient. Overcoming these obstacles can also teach you something useful. They were laser-focused on establishing a completely new community called the Dream Team, as a result of what happened to them and how it happened.

Mike And Darren Promised Members Transparency And Integrity

According to them, they constructed the Dream Team on the firm pillars of “openness”, “integrity”, and “compassion”. “We understood precisely what we didn’t want from distributors, which was a repetition of our own experience, so we developed exactly what we did want. We are grateful for our path and where it has led us now”. Mike and Darren Proudly claimed!

While everyone’s idea of success is different, Darren and Mike claimed that they adhere to a few basic rules that have helped them achieve their goals. “A few essential concepts guide us. Lead from the heart, let appreciation guide you, and like attracts like”, said Mike and Darren.

Enagic Global Outlets

We’ve never gone wrong by following these concepts. It has laid the foundation for our entire Dream Team community. When it boils down to it, they are simply two Enagic Distributors with their heads in the clouds and their hands encircled by a glass of wonderful, refreshing Kangen Water. “Now we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of fellow Dream Team members who, like us, want to help others and make the world a better place,” stated Mike and Darren.

Having The Dream Life

Words can’t describe how it feels when you see the lives of those in our Dream Team community change for the better. Whether it’s buying new cars, new houses, going on their first vacation with their families, or even moving to new countries.

“Seeing people live their dreams never gets old”, said both Darren and Mike as they reflected on their time with Enagic so far. “It’s indescribable to witness the light rekindling in someone. To be honest, the world is a difficult place, and many individuals suffer from not just a lack of resources, but also a sense of being completely alone and miserable”.

Darren And Mike Great Ambitions

Darren and Mike have great ambitions and ambitious aspirations for the future. “Our number one priority has always been to assist as many Enagic Distributors as possible in achieving 6A status. If everyone gets to 6A, we’ve all succeeded. When managing a community of over 70 thousand people, the slogan must be that no one is left behind if genuine success is to be achieved. 

Brainwashing Nature Of The Dream Team

Everyone needs to be cared for, supported, and boosted. We’ve promised ourselves that we’ll never lose sight of this, that we’ll never be influenced by trivial things like greed and jealousy. Always keep in mind that people come first”. Mike and Darren emphatically stated.

Now that we have a clear idea of who Mike and Darren are, let us look at the cultic nature, in my opinion, of the Dream Team managed by Mike and Darren. Please note that I am in no way calling them cults, but the way they do things in the Dream Team could be viewed as cultic. Just to make it clear.

The Cultic Nature Of Mike And Darren’s Dream Team Community

A Cult is a group of individuals who share a similar fondness or admiration for something, someone, or even an idea or concept. The members of the group have the same belief, and as a result, they have a strong bond with one another. They will often feel that their group has the correct answers or is superior to other groups in certain respects.

This is all part of everyday life; individuals are allowed to believe anything they choose, and diversity is what makes the world interesting. When you look at how the Dream Team members behave in the private Facebook group, you can detect the similarities to the cultic group mentioned above.

Don’t Confuse A Destructive Cult Group With Other Cults

Some cults are deemed harmful, and they are not the same as others. Unscrupulous leaders in these groups influence the members’ ideas, attitudes, and actions without their agreement. These modifications are made without the members’ knowledge.

In reality, the members feel they are in complete control and can make their judgments. If you inform someone that he/she is part of a cult, he/she will usually argue back, often angrily, to defend their ideas, their organization, and the leader.

Everyone Thinks Speaks And Acts In The Same Way

These are organizations in which everyone thinks, speaks, and acts in the same way, and, in certain cases, dresses in the same way. In effect, the leadership strongly impacts the group members’ decision-making, robbing them of their independence and making them reliant on the group leaders.

Members, on the other hand, tend to feel that they are more free and independent than ever before and that the decisions they make are for their good. Members of such organizations are not truly free to choose; ideas are pushed on them, and the leader is, in reality, using them for his selfish gain, no matter how much the members believe the leader is assisting them.

What Caused This To Happen?

Nobody wants to join a cult. They are accepted into the organization. They’ve been duped into joining. Each cult has a public face that it displays to the outside world. Martial arts, politics, religion, personal growth, hairdressing, yoga, and a variety of other topics are all possibilities. People enroll to participate in sports, improve their relationships or communication skills, or attend a sales training course.

The Cult Figurehead

Cults are well known for changing people’s lives. Cult members all have the same beliefs, speech patterns, and mannerisms, as well as an incapacity to think independently of the group. Typically, the members will be ‘taught’ how to pique people’s interest in the organization.

Lies, deception, and trickery are made to appear appropriate in the recruitment of new members, since, after all, it is to their advantage. When you join the Dream Team group, you will be welcomed by all the other group members, who will tell you that you are an action-taker.

They are delighted when others join their Dream Team group, so it’s worth doing whatever it takes to get others to join. ” Members are duped into changing their values and ethics in this way, even though they are unaware of the changes”.

Encouraged To Reading Laws Of Attraction Books

You could look at changing your values and ethics this way when they introduce you to the Laws of Attraction books and tell you to read books like “The Magic”, which instructs you to talk to the stones. Now, if you are a Christian, this approach would not sit well with your Christian beliefs.

The Cultic Nature Of The Dream Team

No personality type is more prone or vulnerable to being drawn into a harmful group than another. That means that anyone can be apprehended. You, too, might be duped if you happen to be at a crossroads in your life and come across a psychopath or cult recruiter who claims to have everything you desire or need.

Hear What The Experts Have To Say

No one personality is more vulnerable to mind control than another, according to the experts. Everybody goes through difficult periods in their lives, and manipulators take advantage of these opportunities to charm, assist, counsel, and build relationships with those who will become their next victims.

Narcissists are masters at reading people and determining their needs, desires, flaws, and even strengths. They know how to influence people’s emotions. You’re in a relationship with a narcissist once they’ve gotten the emotions going.

People must understand the traits of a narcissist, as well as mind control and how to stop it, to avoid becoming victims of mind control. Even so, there are no guarantees. Even when they know the individual in front of them is a narcissist, expert psychiatrists realize that they may be duped. I will now say from my own experience with the Dream Team, in my opinion, they seem to demonstrate some traits of mind control, brainwashing, and indoctrination.

The Following Are My Views On Mind Control

Although deception is a common technique in combat and many sports, I believe we can all agree that it has no place in genuine business. For several months, I observed a person who I know has always had high values and thus been honest, who I felt was under increasing mind control. This guy seems to be quite fine with deceit, even plain falsehoods, to persuade potential customers to join a “company.”

When I look at how I was recruited into Mike and Darren’s Dream Team group, in my opinion, through deception and doped information, I now understand why I can say that their community has a cultic nature attached to it.

Never Mention The Dream Team Outside The Private Group

I was told not to mention the Dream Team group outside of the group. You could view this as mind control. They also tell you to always be positive and never speak or write anything negative in the group. Even when you have negative opinions about things in the Dream Team, you have to keep them to yourself. Once you disobey those rules, you will be expelled from the Dream Team group entirely.

Mike And Darren Enagic

In my opinion, members will be coached to give similar responses to all objections from prospects. These responses are scripted. Information given to prospective recruits will be limited. This could be a strategy cultic leaders use to get you hooked and for you to always seek more information.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, there is a lot more cultic behavior in the Dream Team group managed by Mike and Darren. I will say that some amount of cultic acts have been observed by me, in the Dream Team community which you need to be aware of before you join.

Please ensure that you read further articles on Mike and Darren’s business model on the Passive Move website.  Do your due diligence before paying any of your hard-earned cash to this group.

This information should help you to detect “The Cultic Nature Of Mike And Darren’s Dream Team Community”, and you will make the right decision whether or not to join this group.

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Thank you for reading this article to the end. I hope that you were able to gather more information on this sketchy group of individuals. All the best for your future endeavors.

Leonard Henry
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