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Economy Bookings Car Rental | Who Are They?

Economy Bookings Car Rental | Who Are They?

Economy car rental deals
Economy car rental deals has been active in the online booking sector since 2008. They began as a tiny firm in Spain, operating in an affiliate vehicle rental scheme. They quickly recognized that their customers’ demands extended beyond merely vehicle booking in Spain, so they began to offer their service in other countries. They designed a website that would not only allow their clients to reserve a car but would also make the process as simple as possible by allowing clients to select the best car rental packages available.

Today, leads the European Online booking industry with a diverse variety of services, and their services are now available in over 150 countries. At the moment, employs over 55 people, each of them being a specialist in their respective specialty.

Most of their workers have worked in various distribution organizations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany for many years so they have the necessary expertise and experience to meet their clients’ ever-increasing demands. They are always evolving, and will undoubtedly surprise their competition by launching new IT projects in numerous domains of online tourism. They feel that their work provides great benefits to their customers and that it is enjoyable to work with them.

Economy Bookings Philosophy

The company’s objective is to help consumers book car rental services on a global scale, and their motto is “Providing quality service at a reasonable price.” Every day, experienced analysts analyze the pricing plans of the cooperating agencies all around the world, allowing them to always guarantee very competitive costs and high quality of client care. In each destination, the firm has at least three or four Car Rental service providers. This provides for more competition and better client service, as well as healthy competition and a higher degree of consumer satisfaction.

Economy bookings special deals
Economy bookings special deals

The company’s philosophy is as follows: They are with the customer during the booking process, as well as before and after the vehicle rental lease. The clients can always feel comfortable since any reservations difficulties will be handled by expert specialists, who will be on hand to help solve any problems and give significant vehicle rental expertise.

How Can Customers Book A Car Rental Service?

Their website is aimed at providing clients with as much information regarding future cars rentals as possible. Please keep in mind that they have an active call center, and any queries you may have will be handled over the phone if they are not answered on their website. They provide and encourage clients to call them directly at their phone number, where their operators will be able to answer all of their inquiries.

What Is The Cost Of Booking A Car?

Using the search tool on their website is free for visitors. The price of a car rental is decided by the date and length of time you want to hire it, as well as the kind and size of vehicle you want to hire. Before you choose to make a reservation, the rental rates will be disclosed upfront.

Is There A Mobile App For Booking A Car Rental?

They do offer a mobile application that is now accessible for Android and Apple mobile devices.

How Do Cancellations And Refunds Work?


  • If you cancel your reservation 48 hours or more before your pick-up, you will be reimbursed minus a €75.00 cancellation charge.
  • You will not be refunded if your prepayment is less than €75.00.
  • If you cancel your reservation less than 48 hours before pick-up, you will be reimbursed minus a €150.00 cancellation charge.
  • You will not be refunded if your prepayment is less than €150.00.
  • If you cancel your reservation less than 24 hours before pick-up, you will not be refunded.
  • There will be no reimbursement for unused rental days.
  • If your rental has already begun, you will not be able to cancel it.
  • Alternatively, the same amount in USD/GBP at the cancellation date’s exchange rate. Send an email to to cancel a reservation; phone cancellations are not allowed.

Terms & Conditions For Compensation Vouchers

The following terms and conditions apply to the usage of the voucher upon its issuance:

The Compensation Voucher is valid for 24 months from the date of issue. The voucher will expire in 24 months and will not be renewed. The value of the coupon is the same as the amount charged during the first booking of vehicle rental services. The coupon can be used on any vehicle rental service provided by the Booking Group system. Payment will only be accepted for advertised motor vehicle rental costs. The coupon cannot be used to pay for any other expenses, such as ‘local taxes’ on other car rental services. The coupon does not affect the cancellation policy’s terms and conditions. The voucher has no monetary value.

economy bookings car rental information
Economy Bookings Car Rentals

Use of the voucher: This voucher may only be redeemed on their websites and There will be no extra costs while using the voucher. The voucher cannot be used elsewhere other than on the websites and If you wish to use your Compensation Voucher, go to’s desktop version and choose your location, dates, and car.

Continue to the payment phase by finding an empty area beneath the Price Summary and entering your Voucher code, as seen in the image below. If this coupon is used for less than its face value, the leftover residual value may be applied to future car rental booking purchases at and

Compensation for transferability Vouchers provided through and can be transferred to other Booking Group clients for automobile rental services. To transfer the coupon, you must offer the other client a unique combination of digits and characters to be used when purchasing car rental services.

The disclosure of the voucher information constitutes an authorization for use by the disclosed party. The owner is solely responsible for safeguarding this information, and Booking Group accepts no liability in the event of voucher disclosure or unauthorized use at the time of redemption.

Theft or Loss: If a voucher is stolen or lost, it will not be replaced.

Sale, Trade, or Barter: Although the vouchers are transferable, they cannot be sold, traded, or bartered. If a voucher is suspected of being bought, bartered, or sold, Booking Group maintains the right to cancel the voucher and the transaction.

The Company has the right to modify these Terms of Service to the extent necessary to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Economy Booking | Read Their Terms And Conditions Thoroughly

  • Drivers’ Age
  • Drivers’ License
  • Extra Driver Coverage / Insurance
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Payment Method
  • Voucher
  • Additional Extra Conditions
  • Fuel Policy
  • Mileage
  • Tax Rate

Before Leaving The Rental Car Agent

  • Check to make sure the vehicle isn’t damaged. Inform the provider representative of any damages that are not included on the rental agreement as soon as possible in the vehicle park or at the desk. Before driving your automobile, make sure they sign off on the damage on the rental agreement.
  • Ensure that any additional equipment required is given. Inspect the equipment to ensure it meets the standards. If there are any issues, please bring them to the provider’s attention. Any additional equipment must be purchased at the front desk.
  • Examine your travel route. Examine the equipment to confirm that it is adequate for your requirements. If you have any problems, please bring them to the company’s representative for a map or assistance if necessary.

When You Return A Rental Car To A Dealer

  • Examine the area for damage. If there are any damages, bring them to the attention of the representative. Feel free to inquire about any costs they see necessary and obtain written confirmation.
  • Make certain that the supplier’s representative signs off on the drop-off. The rental agreement must be signed by the provider representative.
  • Make an effort to give yourself plenty of time before your journey.

Some Frequently Ask Questions Of Economy Booking

What Do You Need To Do To Pick Up The Car?

The principal driver must have a credit card with sufficient funds on the balance to cover the car deposit, a complete driving license in his/her name (the same as any other drivers), and the Rental Voucher.

Can You Rent A Car Without A Credit Card?

No, a credit card is required to place a deposit at the desk. The car rental business places a hold on the main driver’s credit card before handing over the rental car keys.

The following credit cards are NOT accepted for deposit:

  • Prepaid
  • Debit
  • Electronic-only
  • Reloadable
  • Virtual
  • Revolving
  • Maestro
  • Solo
  • Switch

To determine your type of card, click the link below and input the first six digits of your card number:

What Is The Difference Between A Deposit And An Excess?

The deposit is a sum comprised of an excess and a fuel cost that is held on the customer’s credit card as a guarantee on the rental automobile. The deposit amount varies depending on the automobile category. The car rental firm unlocks the deposit on the drop-off date if the car is returned in the same condition as when it was hired.

An excess is a sum of money deducted by the car rental business from the deposit you left when you picked up the car if it was damaged (Damage Excess) or stolen (Theft Excess) during the rental period. For example, if your damage excess is €300 and the damage to the bodywork on return is €1,000, you will only be responsible for €300. The remaining €700 would be covered by CDW insurance.

What Is Advanced Payment/Prepayment?

To ensure vehicle pricing and availability, demands full or partial prepayment, depending on the car rental company’s terms and regulations. The amount to be paid on arrival for partial prepayment will be specified on your confirmation voucher. The vehicle rental business will charge you for this amount at the counter, together with the cost of any extra choices. If the confirmation voucher says “zero” to be paid on arrival, it implies you have already paid for your vehicle rental in full and will only need to show your paperwork and credit card at the counter to put a deposit.

What Is The Purpose Of Signing A Rental Agreement? serves as a vehicle hire intermediary, connecting clients with car rental businesses. The rental agreement you sign with the rental business is subject to the rental company’s terms and conditions as well as the laws of the nation in which you are renting. Read the agreement’s terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you understand (and agree to) it. All extra drivers must sign the rental agreement as well.

What Insurances Does My Rental Have?

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection are the two most common vehicle rental insurance options (TP). They can be included in the rental fee, purchased from the car rental business, or offered by the customer’s credit card provider.

What Is A Collision Damage Waiver?

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) restricts the renter’s responsibility for the car to the Excess – the amount of money charged by the car rental business if the rented car is damaged. Windscreens, locks, tires, undercarriage, keys, and towing expenses are frequently not covered by the CDW. Please review the terms and conditions on your confirmation voucher to determine what is included.

What Is Theft Protection?

Theft Protection (TP) restricts the renter’s liability for the vehicle to the Excess. The amount of money charged by the car rental business if the rented car is stolen. Personal possessions are not covered by Theft Protection.

Click this link to visit their official website for more F.A.Q

Contact Information for Customer Service

Economy bookings contact information
Click On Image To Visit Website For Their contact information


Economy Bookings looks to receive exceptionally positive evaluations on certain rating platforms. However, a major number of these evaluations are frequently produced on a single day, indicating that the corporation is using a marketing approach rather than actual customer reviews.

Economy Bookings has received mainly mixed responses, with some very delighted customers and others have had bad experiences. A typical issue is that after booking a reservation through Economy Bookings, the client receives a follow-up email indicating that the reservation has been canceled or is no longer available. You can find many more reviews at

Please click this link to visit their official website for booking information.

Affiliate Disclosure Statement

Please be aware that if you should book a car rental service with Economy Bookings, via any link in this article, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Thank you for reading this detailed information on Economy Bookings. I hope you have the information you need to make an informed financial decision.

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