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CheapOair Flight Booking Service | The Truth

CheapOair Flight Booking Service | The Truth

CheapOair holiday booking discountCheapOair was established in 2005. It is a flight booking service with a proprietary search engine that allows customers to search over 450 airlines at the same time. The objective is to find and compare the cheapest available ticket pricing for each airline in one place. CheapOair provides 24-hour customer support and has been featured in several international publications, including the New York Times, Travel & Leisure, and The Huffington Post.

The brand does not offer its own products or services, but rather collaborates with third-party suppliers in the travel sector to provide clients with a single booking platform. Airlines, hotels, transit firms, experience providers, cruise lines, car rental agencies, tour operators, travel insurance providers, and others are among these suppliers. CheapOair may be the firm for you if you want to arrange your full vacation experience and make each reservation through one central travel site.

CheapOair has developed an online flight booking system that enables passengers to locate economical and comprehensive holiday packages at a reduced rate. Through its revolutionary data collection system, CheapOair gathers and filters travel information and offers the most relevant search results, making it a simple travel site for passengers to explore and make their bookings.

CheapOair travel holidays
CheapOair travel holidays

Accommodations for travel

CheapOair enables customers to book almost every element of their upcoming trip online, over the phone, or via its mobile app. Those who book their trip’s lodgings via CheapOair can reserve the following:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Cruises and car rentals
  • Vacation bundles

Although customers can conduct their CheapOair bookings over the phone, they should be aware that the service cost may be higher if purchased over the phone. For those that choose it, the firm also provides travel insurance.

CheapOairs’ Search Engine Capabilities

The search engine functionality of CheapOair is among the finest in the market. Many consumers have noted that by using this feature, they were able to save money on a low-cost flight. Other aspects of the site that tourists may find useful include:

  • Search for the cheapest flights with the most convenient departure and arrival times.
  • Seat Selector: Choose and reserve your seat on specific flights operated by partnered airlines.
  • Trip Coordinator: Manage tickets and other booking details from a mobile device after securing trip lodgings, such as a vacation package.
  • Travelers may search for discounts on trips and reservations using mobile-exclusive promotions.

The website also allows you to search for flights with variable travel dates. This function assists consumers in finding the cheapest bargain three days before and after their chosen trip date, which frequently results in a cheaper ticket.

What About Feedback?

Users may read and perform more research using reviews on both CheapOair’s internet and mobile platforms. Travelers who have stayed at prospective hotels or flown on certain airlines leave reviews, which may help clients focus their search and select the finest lodgings for their trip.

CheapOair holidays
CheapOair holidays.

Customers who use CheapOair’s rewards program on a regular basis can receive travel discounts and gift cards. There is a tiered reward points system once you sign up. With each subsequent booking, users may earn additional points per transaction. They can even receive a $25 bonus for introducing a friend.

Reward participants received up to 20% off flights and up to 55% off hotel stays, six times the number of reward points for each booking, and account history to quickly reference upcoming or prior reservations.

Returning Customers Should Be Aware That Booking Using The Mobile App Allows Them To Earn Two To six Times The Points.

In addition to the rewards program, a CheapOair credit card is offered to assist in earning points for future travel or accommodation. Both the Synchrony Bank CheapOair Visa Credit Card and the Synchrony Bank CheapOair Visa Signature Credit Card have various advantages:

  • Customers can earn 1 membership reward point and 6 credit card reward points for every $1 spent on with the card.
  • For every $1 spent on eating, you will receive 4 points.
  • You’ll earn two points for every $1 spent elsewhere.
  • There are also six months of special financing available.
  • Replacement of an emergency card
  • Disbursement of emergency funds
  • CheapOair Visa Signature Roadside Assistance.

The Benefits Of A CheapOair Visa

  • Compensation for misplaced baggage
  • Trip postponement or cancellation
  • Insurance for travel mishaps.

Customer Service Policies at CheapOair

A price match guarantee ensures that consumers are paying the lowest possible price for their trip plan. If you find a lower online price, the firm will credit the difference against your future round-trip airfare or hotel stay booked through the website.

Inconvenience with Flights and Hotels: If your flight is delayed for more than an hour, you have baggage delays, or your luggage is misplaced, the firm will provide each ticket holder with a $5 coupon for the future bookings for up to five people.

Have You Used CheapOair Booking Before?

CheapOair Promo Code: Each day, CheapOair will provide a promo code for a new cause. Senior discounts, student discounts, and military discounts are a few examples. When ordering an airline ticket, travelers may use a discount code to save even more money.

Award-Winning Customer Service

In addition to its various successes, CheapOair has garnered several honors since its inception in 2005. Customer service and the CheapOair App, as well as tourism and business operations, have all earned the firm accolades. Most recently, in 2020, a year with few travel demands, the firm got two Gold Stevie Awards for its communication and product management teams.


  • Award-Winning Service
  • Technology
  • Reviews
  • Travel Accommodations
  • Plan for Competitive Reward
  • Search Engine Functionality
  • Customer Service Procedures


  • Models of Cars Are Limited
  • Fees for Customer Service.
  • Rewards Restrictions

Cancellation Policy | CheapOair

When it comes to rental car models, CheapOair does not have many possibilities. The majority of the vehicles available are economy class, which means that clients do not have the choice of selecting a more deluxe vehicle if they wish to be a little more comfortable throughout their travels.

Customer Service and Fees

Although CheapOair has attempted to replicate the experience of an agency booking, this comes at a cost. CheapOair provides customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nevertheless, you may incur expenses when receiving quick, human-based assistance. It is more expensive to book over the phone with a booking agent than through the website, as well as a few extra fees, such as cancellations or obtaining a refund. Trips booked over the phone may have higher service fees. 

CheapOair Imposes The Following Service Fees On Its Transactions:

  • Airline tickets can cost up to $35 per passenger, per ticket.
  • Hotel accommodations are available for as little as $32 per night per room.
  • Rent a car for up to $25 per day.
  • If you book over the phone with a customer service travel agent, select specific holiday packages, upgrade to business or first class, or plan multi-city flight journeys, the booking costs may be substantially higher. Fees are subject to variation as well.

Restrictions On Rewards

Those who join CheapOair’s membership program are eligible for a rewards program (enrollment is free and can be completed entirely online). However, there are certain limits and a point system to be mindful of.

The Point System Is Divided As Follows:

  • Flights: Get one point for every dollar spent on a flight.
  • Hotels: For every dollar spent on a hotel room, you will receive three points.
  • Earn three points for every dollar spent on a rental car.
  • Vacation packages: Earn one point for every dollar spent on vacation “extras.”
  • Points can be earned simply by signing up (up to 500 points upon registration), but a large number of points is needed to save on hotel reservations. Furthermore, points may only be used for reservations at specific hotel chains.

Policy On Cancellation

CheapOair bookingCheapOair and its partners demand cancellation fees ranging from $100 to $250, making it more expensive to cancel flights and, as a result, reducing the quantity of the refund you may receive when you do cancel.

The majority of airline tickets on CheapOair are non-refundable. It is entirely up to the airline. If the cancellation is allowed, a credit will be applied to a future ticket. However, the majority of the time, this form of credit has an expiration date. So, if you don’t book within the specified time range, your refund will be forfeited.

Furthermore, most reservations and service fees are non-refundable after 24 hours.

If your trip does not take place, you can cancel your trip cover within 10 days of purchasing it. Customers can cancel and receive a refund within 24 hours of booking by contacting a CheapOair agent, but they must pay a $50 cancellation fee for domestic flights and a $75 cancellation fee for international, first-class, or business-class flights. After 24 hours, economy tickets are $50 to cancel with a future credit, while business and first-class tickets are $100 to cancel with a future credit, with the remainder reimbursed.

If you do not wish to get credit for a future journey, the cancellation cost is $100 for domestic economy flights and $250 for foreign economy flights, as well as all business and first-class tickets. Furthermore, the cost of altering your tickets ranges from $100 to $250.

Military personnel, natural catastrophes, the bereaved, and the visually handicapped are eligible for special offers, discounts, or cancellation rates.

Cancellations may only be handled over the phone with customer care or through a cancellation request form.

Final Verdict: Is CheapOair The winner?

CheapOair employs cutting-edge data collection technologies to assist users in booking a variety of travel accommodations, including flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and vacation packages. The website offers search engine capabilities as well as traveler evaluations to assist consumers to discover exactly what they are searching for, making it simple to get affordable tickets and hotel reservations. CheapOair distinguishes itself from the competition by using its parent firm, Fareportal’s an extensive network of resources, which has been in operation since 1976.

Cheapoair travel booking reviews
Take Off In Style With CheapOair. Click On Image To Book Now.

Joining CheapOair’s rewards program can help you obtain a fantastic price while also giving you the option to earn even more points towards future online booking discounts.

However, if you do reserve vacation lodging and then decide to cancel the reservation, you will be charged a significant amount. Furthermore, CheapOAir’s vehicle choices are restricted, and its rewards program is fairly limited.

Affiliate Disclosure Statement

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