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Exercise Bikes Review | Home Gym Exercise Machines


The majority of us at some point throughout our lives contemplated keeping physically fit. Some of us might have started our fitness journey by joining a Gym membership but we did not have enough motivation to continue. Regardless of what stage you are in getting fit or maintaining your fitness, having the right equipment and a welcoming environment for your workout would be of paramount importance.

In this exercise bike review, we are going to look at how exercise bikes can be a very important piece of equipment to have in your home for workouts. This review will follow a table of content and I will be highlighting some types of exercise bikes and how they can assist you to work out in the comfort of your home even if you think that it’s too late for you to start your fitness journey.

Let’s get started with this exercise bike review to see what we can achieve.

Exercise Bike Overview

An exercise bike is an excellent platform for at-home cardio training. Popular and inexpensive, their longevity, along with amazing technological advancements, makes them an excellent complement to any home gym. “Why are they such a sought-after machine?” you may be wondering.

The mechanism on an exercise bike is always tried and proven, and the weight-bearing aspect of the cycling movement itself needs minimal coordination, making it especially gentle on the hips, knees, and ankles, and perfect for novices, the elderly, or those suffering or recovering from injury. Even better, cycling is a well-known cardiovascular workout that works for big muscle groups while also burning calories.

Exercise Bikes
Exercise Bikes

A stationary exercise bike is a piece of efficient training equipment that is popular in home gyms for getting your heart rate up. Enjoy exercise that is gentler on your bones and joints than other cardio options while yet providing the same calorie-burning power and potential for beginners, experts, the elderly, and those recuperating from injury.

Different Types Of Exercise Bikes

There are several exercise bike alternatives available, each with its own set of advantages, so it’s a good idea to determine your unique objectives before purchasing. Let us look at the different types of exercise bikes on the market and their respective benefits to you.

Upright Exercising Bikes

An upright exercise bike, the most common form of exercise bike, provides a cycling sensation that is extremely comparable to the actual thing. Frequently with a frame that is simple to mount and uninstall. For the majority of home gym customers, an upright exercise bike is an excellent addition.

An Upright Bike
An Upright Bike

Upright bikes, with their modest size, take up less room in your house and provide a low-cost entry point into home riding. Upright bikes often have bigger saddles for a more comfortable ride and the ability to sit or stand while riding. More premium upright bike models may include a bigger touch screen or console with additional fitness programs and entertainment options.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

A recumbent exercise bike, with its chair-like seat, provides greater back support during your workout, allowing you to ride for longer periods of time in comfort. While you may not be able to engage as many muscle groups (since you must remain seated and cannot stand as on an upright bike), a recumbent bike still burns the same amount of calories as an upright bike.

A Recumbent Bike
A Recumbent Bike

Because of the lower seat position, a recumbent bike is an excellent alternative for the elderly or those recuperating from an accident, since it is simpler to mount and off. It’s worth noting that a recumbent exercise bike has a wider footprint than an upright exercise cycle, making it ideal for home gyms with limited space.

The Racer Bikes

Racer bikes, sometimes known as studio bikes, are meant to closely imitate the sensation of a road cycle in terms of flywheel and resistance. They have a flywheel that is weighted and connected to the pedals through a transmission mechanism. The resistance may be adjusted using a dial similar to how you would change gears on a road bike.

Racer Bike
The Racer Bike

These bikes also allow you to ride while standing up, which provides a far more intense exercise and works other muscle areas. If you are a more skilled fitness enthusiast, indoor cycling Racer Bikes are a wonderful alternative, not only because they simulate the sensation of real-life riding, but also because their resistance delivery is outstanding.

The Air Bikes

They’re causing quite a stir in the functional fitness industry, and they’re even being utilized in professional tournaments. Instead of the braking mechanism used on upright, recumbent, and racing bikes, air bikes use a huge fan to provide resistance. The more effort you exert, the more resistance the air bike provides.

The Airbike
The Airbike

You may sit or stand in an upright posture on the air bike, which forces you to utilize both your arms and legs to burn considerably more calories than any other form of workout bike. Despite the effort required, air bikes are low-impact equipment, making them an excellent choice for individuals who wish to prevent undue stress on their joints.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Exercise Bikes?

  • Less Stress On Your Joints

Riding on an exercise bike has a minimal effect on your joints than other aerobic workouts such as jogging. As a result, it is an excellent home training alternative for all users, particularly novices, the elderly, and those recuperating from an accident.

  • Stress Reduction

Endorphins are released into your bloodstream during cardiac activity. This endorphin release causes a natural high, which lowers tension.

A Racer Bike
An Amazing Exercise Machine
  • Increased Energy Levels

Exercise of any type can boost your energy levels, and cycling is one of the greatest ways to boost your total energy.

  • Improved Lung Capacity

Cycling improves lung capacity, making you stronger and fitter.

  • Promotes Aerobic Fitness

Pedaling delivers an aerobic workout that is beneficial to your heart, brain, and blood vessels.

  • Aids In Muscle Growth

You employ your quadriceps, gluteus muscles, gastrocnemius muscles, and soleus muscles during the power phase of pedaling (the down-stroke). You engage your hamstrings and flexor muscles throughout the recovery phase (back-stroke, up-stroke, and over-stroke).

What To Look For When Purchasing An Exercise Bike

The Weight Of The Flywheel

In general, the heavier the flywheel of an exercise bike, the smoother and less jerky the pedaling movement. The flywheel is a weighted metal disc that is normally concealed by the exercise bike’s shell and is linked to the pedals through a chain or belt. When you apply the brakes to the flywheel, you produce resistance.


Feel Of Pedaling

Even at high resistance settings and out of the saddle, this should feel silky smooth with the same amount of resistance across the 360 degrees of pedal motion. We recommend going to your local store to check out your preferred exercise bike before purchasing one and avoiding bikes with an uneven or jerky pedaling sensation.

Workload Maximum

When pedaling flat out, this is the amount of resistance the bike will provide. Most normal bikes will generate more than 250 watts, but experienced bikers or the really fit will require more than 400 watts.

Console Feedback And Usability

How clear and thorough is the information displayed? How simple is it to access programs (if any exist)? Is it possible to see and operate the buttons?

Exercise Bike Programs

These can provide variety and incentive by replicating different hill courses, allowing you to construct your own programs, or managing your heart rate, among other things. Workout programs differ according to the make and model of your exercise bike, with NordicTrack’s iFit, Life Fitness’ LFconnect, Schwinn’s Explore the World, Sole’s Sole Fitness App, and the renowned Peloton App (only compatible with the Schwinn IC8) being some of the most popular and advanced options.

Exercise Bike Workout
Exercise Bike Workout

Power Supply For Exercise Bikes

Is the bike self-powered or does it require power from a power source? You may choose any choice based on your needs, but keep in mind that some exercise bikes must be placed near an outlet.

Adjustable Riding Position

The more customizable the bike, the more pleasant it is for prolonged rides. All motorcycles include saddle height adjustment, with more modern versions providing both vertical and horizontal saddle and handlebar adjustments.

Construction Quality

Check that the frame is mostly made of metal, that the welds are neat, that the overall finish is decent with no sharp or rough edges, and that the moving parts are appropriately protected from prying fingers. A well-made exercise bike should be steady and not bend or wobble.

The Footprint Of An Exercise Bike

Because of its small size, an exercise bike is an excellent choice for many home gym settings, even if it is only a corner of your living room. This is especially true for upright and racing bikes, which have a small footprint. A recumbent bike, on the other hand, puts you lower to the ground with your legs extended, requiring somewhat more floor space than its competitors.

Exercise Bike Handle Bar
Exercise Bike Handle Bar


In this exercise bike review, we have learned what an exercise bike is and what it can do for your physical health and fitness. You were also introduced to the different types of exercise bikes and the benefits you can achieve from these bikes. In my opinion, I think that this is a valuable piece of equipment to have in your home for your daily workout. Do consider giving one of these exercise bikes a try to see what the rave is about. However, before you make any financial commitment regarding these bikes, please read the disclaimer below.

You can click on this link to purchase one of these amazing exercise bikes now.


This researched material is not intended to be advice or a solicitation to buy an exercise bike. If you decide to purchase one of these bikes based on the information provided, you do so fully at your own risk. Before making such a decision, you may want to get some advice from a medical doctor regarding your health and the suitability of these machines for your health and fitness.

Exercise Bikes
Exercise Bikes

Please keep in mind that any purchases made through the links in this article are subject to the terms and conditions of the website that provides the products or services. The Passive Move Blog, the content publisher, assumes no direct or indirect liability for financial loss or any medical health issues if you decide to purchase and use these exercise bikes.

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