MobiSystems Office Suite Review 2022

The MobiSystems Office Suite Honest Review 2022

The MobiSystems Office Suite Honest Review 2022


This review will take a look at a market leader in online office and business productivity software. MobiSystems is the company I’m referring to. A table of contents will be used to guide the MobiSystem Office Suite evaluation. This information will be based on the results of my investigation into this firm and its product, as well as whether it will be a suitable fit for your business or personal usage.

MobiSystems Software Review
MobiSystems Software Review

Let us begin with some background information about MobiSystems and its products.

What Is MobiSystems All About?

With over 500 million applications in 195 countries, MobiSystems is the global leader in office and business productivity software. Aside from MobiDrive, the business also creates industry-leading products such as:

OfficeSuite For Windows PC
File Commander
Talk & Translate and many more.

Let us look at some of these products individually to ascertain how they have been helping business establishments.

What Is Office Suite?

Office Suite is a content editing application that supports a wide range of file types, including common and popular ones. It is a multi-platform operating system that can be used on Android, iPad, iPhone, and Windows devices.

Files are synced across different platforms, ensuring that users are always working with the most recent version of files. Aside from creating and editing documents, Office Suite can also scan physical documents using the device’s camera.

Mobisystems Sheets
Mobisystems Sheets

It can also interface with e-signature software, allowing users to make papers official by affixing an e-signature to them. Using the system’s integrated License Manager, administrators may reserve permissions and assign licenses to their staff. Users who subscribe to the Business Plan have access to this functionality.

Office Suite Multi-platform

The key advantages of Office Suite are its multi-platform compatibility, security, easy licensing, support for a large range of document formats, and conversion functionality.

Office Suite is designed for several platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows, reducing the time it takes to complete activities involving document processing. This is due to the platform offering many alternatives that employees choose. The cross-platform capability is especially beneficial for those who are always on the go.

Security For Office Suite

Office Suite secures documents with many levels of protection. Companies benefit from a safe working environment as a result of this. Because the papers are safeguarded by digital signatures and passwords, only persons with the right authority may access them.

The Licence Manager

Clients with a Business Strategy subscription may quickly add and reassign seats via the platform’s dashboard. It provides broad administrative tools to managers and executives, allowing them to handle licensing permits for their people with ease.

Multi-Format Support

Office Suite boosts user productivity by supporting a wide range of document formats, including the MS Office legacy DOC, PPT, and XLS. It can also handle OpenDocument formats, which means it can produce and edit CSV, RTF, and TXT documents.

Conversion Feature

Because it can convert documents into PDF, ePub, and other common formats, Office Suite enables users to interact with their files on several devices. This is a feature that is frequently lacking in other similar systems.

OfficeSuite For Windows PC

Office Suite for Windows PC is a clean, straightforward, and economical software solution that assists families, teams, and individuals in taking their goods to the next level. For a fraction of the price of other options, Office Suite provides 5 feature-rich apps for working with Documents, Sheets, Slides, PDFs, and Mail, as well as a powerful cloud connection and an event calendar.

It is part of the critically praised Office Suite program family and has excellent cross-platform capabilities for switching between desktop and mobile devices. Helping us to grow our Windows PC community in exchange for a hefty price.

Exclusive Features Extensive Cloud Connectivity

Exclusive features, extensive cloud connectivity, and a whole Mail & Calendar component not seen in other Office Suite applications are all available in this offering. With the pandemic and the increasing demand for remote working, the product’s cross-platform and remote work features are extremely significant.

The ubiquitous office formats from the Windows world are one standard that has withstood the test of time. It is now usual to be able to edit word and excel files on your iPhone or iPad, and with the MobiSystems Office Suite app, it is even better than Microsoft’s products.

The Ease Of Using MobiSystems Office Suite

MobiSystems Office Suite makes it easy to create Microsoft Office documents (word, pdf, excel, and PowerPoint) from your iPhone without relying on iCloud or OneDrive. Box, Dropbox, and WebDAV are other available, so it’s safe to say that cloud storage has pretty much covered all bases.

If online syncing isn’t important to you, but how you work with documents is, Office Suite is still worth a look, if only for the all-too-familiar UI. As you might assume, connecting to your preferred online retailer is straightforward. The one worry I have is why Office Suite demands access to my email contacts in OneDrive and GoogleDrive, especially when the software lacks a contact manager.

Mobisystems PDF Exrta
Mobisystems PDF Extra

Open & Edit Office Documents Stored Anywhere

We can open and edit documents stored anywhere using the MobiSystems Office Suite. You might wish to ask ourselves about the interface’s modest familiarity. The developers have no qualms about this being desktop inspired, taking from the corporate giants desktop offering in the shape of the ribbon bar, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing and seems more natural than even Microsoft’s applications.

For those who are unfamiliar with the notion of a ribbon bar, you just swipe across to see context-related menu items. Set Home as the default, and you may access the most popular formatting options here with additional ribbon bars, insert format, layout, or view access with a tap on the Home. Components on the ribbon are somewhat smaller than conventional touch targets, but not so much that it becomes difficult to hit what you want. Even if you make a mistake, the undo function works numerous times, which is a useful safety net.

MobiSystems Office Suite App

When you use the MobiSystems Office Suite App on your phone, you will see that it is ad-supported unless you make an in-app payment. Even without paying extra money, Office Suite does not appear to give up too much screen space for advertisements. Adverts are only displayed when you traverse the app or are in a non-editing view.

Mobisystems Slides
Mobisystems Slides

Despite being heavily inspired by the apparent source, the creators have managed to integrate a few lovely touches. When picking text, for example, a magnifying glass appears in the zoomed-out view to offer you more accuracy.
The MobiOffice suite contains the majority of the functions you’ll need.

Assuming the respectable amount of processing power available in a phone like the iPhone 6, it’s no surprise that everything flows smoothly and remains responsive across all document kinds, including presentation documents.

Going Premium And MobiOffice Font Packs

When I see an app that was formerly known as “free with in-app purchases,” my suspicious eyebrow lifts. Normally, this is hidden code saying the app is almost useable, but you’ll have to pay for the one feature you kind of anticipated to be there from the start.

With MobiSystems Office Suite, there are two packages namely; Personal and Home & Business, with 3 subscription options for both packages. (Please see the screenshots below for the prices at the time of this review). There are several typefaces included, but no Comic Sans. Calibri, Tahoma, and wingdings are among the 2013 office fonts that aren’t included. You may either upgrade to premium to acquire all of the above plus 9 more Monotype fonts and 60 OFL fonts.

Office Suite Personal Subscriptions
Office Suite Personal Subscriptions

Business Subscription Package
Business Subscription Package.

Should Calibri And Tahoma Be Included?

One might contend that Calibri and Tahoma should be included, but when you consider what you’re getting in terms of an out-of-the-box program that can interact with Office documents on your iPhone, this isn’t a deal-breaker. Consider it an opportunity to experiment with a more unique and readable typeface.

Ultimately, MobiSystems Office Suite provides a more user-friendly environment for working with Office files than Microsoft’s products. MobiSystems Office Suite is a complete mobile office solution that allows you to work with Microsoft Office files on your iPhone for free and without any restrictions.

The new features are carefully thought out and do not prevent you from using the Office suite without becoming premium or purchasing the typeface pack. However, you should consider upgrading to premium to help the creators.

Let us now look at MobiSystems PDF EXTRA What is this all about?


PDF files are more popular and helpful than ever before in today’s multi-device environment. This format produces documents with good quality and layout that are simple to share. In just a few clicks, you can modify text, photos, and convert your PDF files to other formats like Excel and ePub. Let me go through the key features of PDF Extra so we can have a better idea of what this program can achieve for our organizations.

PDF Extra
PDF Extra

PDF Extra main Features:


You may utilize your device’s camera as a mobile PDF scanner with PDF Extra. You can effortlessly digitize and scan your paper documents into editable files by selecting “Scan to PDF” from the PDF Extra interface.

Completing And Signing:

You may fill out and sign PDF forms using PDF Extra. PDF forms may be readily filled out with the app, making it easy to make changes to PDFs. You may also draw your signature with your stylus pen and sign papers using your stored digital signatures.


PDF Extra is a sophisticated tool that allows you to modify PDF files. You may update and fine-tune any component of your PDF with PDF Extra by adjusting anything you want. Add, remove, highlight, rotate, and alter the text as needed, as well as maximize the attractiveness of photographs. To begin modifying text, use the edit option in your app.


PDF Extra has powerful annotation capabilities such as text boxes, shapes, and drawing tools that allow you to collaborate with your team.


This program can convert PDF files to Word, Excel, ePub, and JPEG formats. After making the required modifications, the files may be converted back to PDFs with a single click.

Mobidrive Interface
Mobidrive Interface


With PDF Extra, you can more easily arrange your PDFs. You may start reorganizing your PDF files by clicking the organize button, whether you’re using PDF Extra for Windows or PDF Extra online. To your pleasure, you can extract, mix, reorganize, remove, and add. You may also use this functionality to create labels and bookmarks to make navigating easier.


The program gives you the option of password-protecting PDFs. Through the ‘Protect’ tool, you may employ passwords, encryption, and digital signatures to prevent unwanted access to your critical documents.


To read your documents, PDF Extra might be a very handy tool. You may use this software to read eBooks, bills, and other documents.

What Is The Purpose Of MobiDrive?

MobiDrive is a cloud storage service that integrates with several other MobiSystems programs, including OfficeSuite, File Commander, and PDF Extra, as well as several other useful features to help you get more done.

The cloud storage, which is available on all main platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows), provides free 5GB storage to anybody with a MobiSystems account, as well as a user-friendly browser interface, quick download link generation to improve collaboration and immediate document sync between devices.

MobiDrive Is The Working Title For MobiSystems Drive

MobiDrive is the working title for MobiSystems Drive, which is considerably more straightforward, intuitive, and comfortable in terms of branding. MobiDrive will now be available via its new website,, in addition to the name and icon changes. These improvements signal the beginnings of a more comprehensive and targeted approach to the company’s brand image and user experience.

Technologically, MobiDrive is gaining a new Windows PC integration that is both practical and easy. This implementation is particularly noteworthy for the corporation because it is towards the top of the list of features sought by Windows PC users. Users may access and manage their drive files from a local folder on their computer while keeping them synchronized with the cloud thanks to the Windows integration.

Additional Benefits To End Users

Users will also be able to browse their recent files, navigate to the web drive, and share files directly from the system tray widget. All of the modifications are part of a wider program that the corporation plans to implement over the next few months. When combined with other MobiSystems products, the final objective is to simplify the product’s design, use, and practicality.

What Is AquaMail?

AquaMail is touted as a sophisticated email client for personal and business use. It has a simple onboarding process and the most sophisticated Android email app. Most mail providers and self-hosted IMAP servers, including Exchange and Office 365, may utilize it for your accounts or corporate push mail. Image embedding, formatting, and style are all available in the rich text editor.

Aqua Mail is the only email program you’ll ever need. Aqua Mail allows you to access all of your emails from a single app, whether it’s a work or personal email, a corporate exchange server, or even a seldom-used secondary account.

Aqua Mail
Aqua Mail

AquaMail Easy Setup

All you have to do now is enter your email address and password. Aqua Mail’s purpose is to reflect the demands of today’s users and give a platform that anybody can adjust to their needs and tastes thanks to its flexibility and extensive customization possibilities.

Aqua Mail’s easy-to-use interface hides a plethora of complex options for creating any form of an email account.

Let us now look at the key and advanced features of Aquamail.


✔️ Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple, GMX, AOL, and more are among the email services available.

✔️ Google Apps, Yahoo BizMail, Office 365, Exchange Online, and other services host email accounts.

✔️ For Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail, a “more secure” login mechanism (OAUTH2) is used.

✔️ Using popular cloud services (Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive) or a file, you may back up and restore your data.

✔️ Light Flow, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID, Cloud Print, Apex Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher / Tesla Unread, Executive Assistant, DashClock Widget, Tasker, and other popular third-party apps provide maximum control, synergy, and customizability.

✔️ For most mail providers (excluding Yahoo) and self-hosted IMAP servers, as well as Exchange and Office 365, push mail is available (corporate mail).

Now to the Advanced Features of Aquamail.

The MobiSystems OfficeSuite Honest Review 2022



✔️ Message counter and message list widgets for the home screen.

✔️ To navigate and organize your emails, use our Smart Folder function.

✔️ Exchange and Office 365 calendar synchronization (use any Calendar app or widgets).

✔️ Office 365 and Exchange contacts sync (visible in AquaMail and the Contacts app). Includes auto-complete and a corporate directory lookup).

✔️ The rich text editor, stylistic options, and a plethora of formatting options, including picture embedding, will assist you in creating the ideal email.

MobiSystem Pricing Compared With Microsoft
MobiSystem Pricing Compared With Microsoft

✔️ You may attach a different signature to each mail account and add graphics, links, and text formatting with signature support.

✔️ Voice input from an Android Wear wristwatch may be used to receive notifications and respond to them.

✔️ Choose from four different themes and a plethora of other customization choices to alter the app’s appearance and functionality.

✔️ The ability to set up separate network connections for WiFi and mobile data provides optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

MobiSystems Office Suite Review 2022

There’s still a lot to learn about AquaMail, so let’s take a look at some of its other features.

More Advantages Of AquaMail

1. Manage various email accounts and providers

2. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple, GMX, AOL, and other major email providers are automatically configured.

3. Google Apps, Yahoo BizMail, Office 365, Exchange Online, and other email services are supported.

4. Work on many accounts at the same time.

Secure And Flexible

Back up and restore your data using local storage or cloud storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive.

For Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail, use secure login (OAUTH2).

Create your Smart folder and signature for each of your accounts.


By purchasing the Pro edition of Aqua Mail and activating the following features, you can get the most out of it:

✔️ For Exchange servers (enterprise email) and Office 365, push mail is available.

✔️ Multiple accounts can be added.

✔️ Make use of aliases.

✔️ In outgoing mails, remove the Aqua Mail promotional signature.

✔️ Ads removed.

File Commander
File Commander

What Is The File Commander?

The file commander is a full-featured file manager that will assist you in organizing all of your local and remote files. Optimize your storage, handle various file kinds, connect all of your cloud accounts, and more. At the time of writing this MobiSystems OfficeSuite Honest Review 2022, this feature costs €29.99 (excl. tax).

File Commander is a simple and easy app that lets you manage any file on your Android smartphone, cloud storage, or network location. File Commander is fully optimized for Android P and comes with a slew of features, including Vault security, Recycle Bin, Storage Analyzer, and File Converter, as well as 5GB of free MobiDrive storage.

Access & Manage Files

✔️ Quickly locate files with the completely customized Home screen’s fast access tiles.

✔️ There are sections for Archives, Documents, and more, as well as categories for your music, picture, and video files.

✔️ Audio and video players built-in.

✔️Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive are among the most popular cloud storage services.

✔️ The Recycle Bin helps you to recover and manage files that have been deleted.

MobiSystems Office Suite Review 2022
MobiSystems Office Suite.

✔️ Manage external storage devices such as microSD cards and USB OTG drives with ease (if supported).

✔️ See system-protected data for access to hidden files and folders.

✔️ Use the Recent Files function to quickly resume where you left off.

✔️ Manage and transfer files and folders straight from your PC with PC File Transfer.

✔️ To conserve space and data, add files to archives.

✔️ Create shortcuts to your favorite files and folders for easier access.

✔️ Use Bluetooth to connect to adjacent devices.

✔️ Your app settings and personalizations may be saved in your login profile and accessed across devices.

✔️ Access local network sites based on Windows/SMB, FTP/FTPS servers, and Remote shares (for Sony Xperia devices).

Mobi Drive

✔️ Get 5GB of free storage (up to 50GB for Premium) to safely save your data.

✔️ Share any files or folders with no restrictions.

✔️ Offline Access – Select MobiSystems Drive files are accessible even when there is no internet or data connection.

Analyzer For Storage

✔️ The Storage Analyzer provides precise information on what consumes storage.

✔️ Makes recommendations for what may be eliminated or relocated to save up space.

✔️ Examines both internal and exterior storage areas.

Mobidrive Interface
Mobidrive Interface


File Commander’s Vault allows you to secure your confidential information.
Choose the files and folders you want and lock them away from inquisitive eyes.
Strong password encryption guarantees that only you have access to your files.

Convert Files

✔️ File Commander includes a file conversion service that can convert between over 1200 distinct file formats.

✔️ Work with a wide range of file types, including PDF, DOCX, XLSX, EPUB, MOBI, HTML, TXT, GIF, JPG, FLAC, MP3, MP4, M4A, CSV, BMP, PPTX, TIFF, and many others.

Let us look at some more advantages of the File Commander in our MobiSystems OfficeSuite Honest Review 2022.

More Advantages Of File Commander

✔️ Handle a variety of file types with ease

✔️ Manage a variety of files, including photos, music, movies, and documents. Convert your files into over 100 different formats with over 1200 conversion options.

✔️ FTP Or Local Networks To Access Your Files In The Cloud

✔️ Administer all of your cloud accounts, as well as your internal and external storage, as well as your local network and FTP sites. Share your screen and use Bluetooth to connect with neighboring devices to transmit files using a variety of methods.

✔️ Ensure that your storage is safe and efficient.

✔️ With the Storage Analyzer, see what’s taking up the most space and where it’s going.
✔️ Encrypt and conceal files by switching to Secure Mode.


The link below will give you access to all of the many dictionaries that MobiSystems has to offer. All of the dictionaries may be found here.

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If you’re seeking an all-in-one OfficeSuite for your business or just for personal use, MobiSystems OfficeSuite is definitely a program to try. Click on the button below to have a look at what MobiSystems has to offer, and thank you for reading this MobiSystem honest Review 2022 to the end. If you believe this information will be beneficial to other viewers, please do not hesitate to share it.

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