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The Ultimate Guide To Dropshipping In The UK

Dropshipping In The UK

Dropshipping in the UK is an online business model where the retailer does not own the product being sold. Instead, the retailer provides the products at a discount and makes a profit from the mark-up.

Dropshipping is a great business model for eCommerce retailers who can source products from multiple suppliers and resell them on their own websites. If you’re serious about your eCommerce venture, then you probably know that running a successful online store requires a significant investment of time, money, and energy.

Not everyone has the time or resources to run an online store, so they look for ways to scale their business and generate more revenue.

This article is going to walk you through everything you need to know about dropshipping in the UK. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of this business model, explain why you should use it, and provide you with a checklist of items you need to do before you get started.

What Is Dropshipping?

Simply put, dropshipping is the practice of buying in bulk from suppliers, and then selling the products you purchase online.

As an online retailer, you don’t have to store, ship, or process products yourself. Instead, you partner with a supplier who will do this work for you.

Your supplier will purchase the products you want to sell and then sell them at a discount. You profit from the difference.

Why Should You Dropship?

There are many benefits of dropshipping, which we will discuss in this section. However, If you’re unsure whether this model is right for you, then continue to read this article which lists a few reasons why eCommerce businesses might not want to use this model.


Dropshipping in the UK
Dropshipping in the UK


Some of the reasons people choose to go with the dropshipping model instead of a conventional model include:

Brand Loyalty: If you’re selling conventional products, you’ll have to get your hands dirty and touch each and every product you sell. With dropshipping, you don’t have to be in direct contact with your products. However, this can cause low customer satisfaction as you will not always see the condition of the products before they are shipped to your customers.

Higher Margin: With conventional retail, you have to pay for each item upfront that you sell. This means that you have to take home a smaller margin. With dropshipping, however, you don’t pay upfront for each item that you sell. Instead, you will use your customer’s money to pay the supplier at the wholesale price. You will make a profit on your markup price to the customer.

Lower Initial Investment: If you want to get started with dropshipping, then you don’t need to spend thousands on inventory and a physical store. Instead, you can buy some wholesale products online, and start selling them as your own.

Now that you know the advantages of dropshipping, let’s discuss why you should use this business model.

✔ One Of The Main Reasons To Use Dropshipping Is Scalability

With this business model, you don’t have to purchase a massive amount of inventory. Instead, you can use a small number of products for a large number of customers.

How to dropshipin the UK
How to dropship in the UK

✔ The Second Reason To Use Dropshipping Is Diversification

With this business model, you don’t have to be in a specific industry. Instead, you can buy products in bulk from various industries and sell them online under your own brand.

You also don’t have to be based in any specific country. You can set up an online store in the UK and sell to customers worldwide.

The Downsides To Dropshipping In The UK

Like everything in life, there are disadvantages to using dropshipping.

horizontal arrow Let’s discuss a few of them now!

One of the disadvantages of this business model is the amount of time it takes to set up.

When you use this model for the first time, you have to invest time in learning how to operate your business. You have to source products, purchase them, and then ship them. You also have to process payments and handle customer service issues.

The Ultimate Guide To Dropshipping In The UK

If you’re interested in learning more about dropshipping in the UK, then we’ve got the guide for you. In this guide, we’ll discuss:

  • Which products are best for dropshipping in the UK.
  • How to source products for your dropshipping business.
  • How to find drop-shippers in the UK
    And more.

How To Do Dropshipping In The UK

To make money with dropshipping in the UK, you have to find a supplier who will provide you with the inventory at a low price.

In order to find these suppliers, you can do a number of things. Here are a few tips:

Sub-heading PointerBuy Products from China: One of the best ways to find drop-shippers in the UK is to go to Alibaba.com. On this website, you can browse through thousands of suppliers who are ready to sell your products at a discount.

Sub-heading PointerGet Connected with Other E-Commerce Stores: Another way to find drop-shippers in the UK is to find other eCommerce stores that are in the same boat as you. Reach out to other retailers who sell products online and see if they will connect with you.

Sub-heading PointerReach out to Companies that Manufacture Products: If you have a company you can contact the manufacturer and see if you can buy in bulk and sell the products.

Sub-heading PointerCheck with Online Forums: Another good way to find drop-shippers in the UK is to join online drop shipping forums. These forums are a great source of information for new eCommerce businesses.

Sub-heading PointerCheck with Local Businesses: If you’re in a larger city, you can also check with local businesses that sell similar products as you. You can go to trade shows, attend business networking events, and look for ways to meet other like-minded retailers.

Sub-heading PointerVisit the Library: If you’re brand new to the area, you might want to visit your local library and look for books on starting an online business.

Sub-heading PointerFind Drop Shippers on Alibaba: Perhaps the easiest way to find drop-shippers in the UK is to use AliExpress.com. On this website, you can sort through thousands of suppliers and find ones who sell products similar to yours.

Sub-heading PointerMy Two Recommendations: You can get started with these two UK dropship suppliers right now. They are SALEYEE.COM and GODROPSHIP.CO.UK

See below, TWO videos on my Youtube Channel which will show you how to get started with these two dropshipping suppliers.


In this article, we’ve gone over everything you need to know about dropshipping in the UK. We’ve discussed the pros and cons of this business model, and provided a checklist of items you need to do before you get started.

If you’re interested in trying this business model for eCommerce in the UK, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve provided a detailed guide on how to get started, as well as what you should expect when you’re first getting started. See below for this special guide

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