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Mike And Darren Enagic Business Empire In Bhutan

Mike And Darren Enagic Business Empire In Bhutan

In this article, you will learn about Mike and Darren’s Enagic Business Empire In Bhutan. They are Enagic distributors. The Dream Team which is managed by them is a private Facebook group. The group utilized a sales funnel to recruit Bhutanese into a Multilevel Marketing Company called Enagic.

Where Is Bhutan?

Bhutan is a South-Central Asian country located on the eastern slopes of the Himalayas. Bhutan, historically a secluded monarchy, grew less isolated in the second part of the twentieth century, and as a result, the pace of development began to accelerate. 


What Is Enagic?

Enagic is a Japanese company based in Japan. They manufacture Kangen water machines and other products like Anespa, Tumeric Tea, Tumeric Powder, and other products. These products can be very expensive.

How Are Enagic Products Sold In Bhutan?

Enagic relies on its independent distributors to sell its products by recruiting other distributors to join their downline. The distributors earn commission via a six-level compensation plan. I have embedded a video that will provide you with some valuable information on the  Dream Team Enagic independent distributors in Bhutan.

Many Bhutanese, it has been alleged, have been recruited into Enagic by Mike and Darren’s Dream Team members for the purpose of selling Kangen water machines to other potential distributors in their downline. However, each potential distributor has to pay an initial amount of $149US to start their so-called digital business.

Initial Stage Of Enagic Business Empire Recruitment In Bhutan

Mike and Darren and their Dream Team members are responsible for many Facebook and YouTube Ads, advertising a digital business opportunity online. However, in my opinion, this is just a way to recruit vulnerable individuals into their Multilevel marketing business opportunity.

The video will highlight what you need to know about this group and how, in my opinion, you can lose a huge sum of money if you intend to join this business opportunity without adequate information.

I will bring to your attention an investigation being carried out in Bhutan on Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert along with their dream team members in Bhutan.

You will want to watch the full video to understand what is happening with this Dream Team private Facebook group in Bhutan.

Mike And Darren Live Webinar On Out-smarting Facebook

Darren and Mike made a post on their LinkedIn page, offering a live webinar to the Dream Team members on how to:

✔ Create a new business page

✔ How to block Facebook cookies and tracking

✔ Change the Wi-Fi configuration

✔ Change the server access and IP address if needed

✔ When to run new ads

✔ What type of ads to start with

✔ How to re-establish Facebook’s trust.

Please see a screenshot of the post on their LinkedIn page below:

Mike and Darren live webinar
Mike and Darren’s live webinar

Darren And Mike’s Official Website Has Vanished

A check was carried out on the official website of Darren and Mike that should have been at ( however the website has vanished as seen in the screenshot below. Their website has been taken down. No apparent reason is given for the takedown.

Mike and Darren website vanished
Mike and Darren’s website has vanished.

Enagic Compliance Statement And Dismissal Of A Distributor

Enagic seems to be taking some action by dismissing a Bhutanese distributor who did not play by the rules. I believe that they can do a lot more as there are numerous complaints about the recruitment practices of other distributors. See the screenshot below.

Enagic Compliance Statement And Dismissal
Enagic Compliance Statement And Dismissal

The Bhutanese Authorities Have Launched An Investigation

According to reports, it is alleged that the Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) has already initiated an inquiry into the business conduct of Mike and Darren’s Dream Team members and will produce a report on the matter soon. Following the release of the OCP report, the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) is anticipated to take financial action, with the Financial Intelligence Department and the Department of Foreign Exchange already investigating the matter. Bhutan’s CIRT has also agreed to participate.

Wangdi Gyeltshen, the President of the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA), stated that Enagic Machines are not registered with the (DRA). In addition, distributors should not be making any claims of medical advantages. In Bhutan, Enagic machines distributors have made medicinal claims.

He stated that any pharmaceuticals or medical equipment entering Bhutan must be registered with the DRA and offer medical studies to back up their claims. He stated that people who make bogus medical claims face repercussions. According to an OCP officer, if provisions apply, they can impose fines and penalties under OCP laws, as well as violations of trade rules, such as conducting business without a license.

Here are some of the sales funnel of the Dream Team Members:


I wish you all the best in your quest for success online. However, if you want to register for this business opportunity then you might want to do further research prior to signing up. Thank you for stopping by and reading this content.

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