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The Digital Business Owner MLM Scam 2022

The Digital Business Owner MLM Scam

One of the hardest things about starting a business online is avoiding all the hype by some individuals who claim that they can train you to be a digital business owner. Most people who try to start a business online will buy multiple courses and invest in multiple strategies and multiple gurus that end up resulting in nothing but pain, heartache, and empty pockets.

I’m Leonard Henry from the Passive Move Blog and I’ve started building genuine online income streams over the past 3 years. Before then, I’ve seen pretty much every scam and misleading kinds of claims there are. I’ve even been suckered in by a few of them by MLM individuals who claim that they are experts in creating digital network businesses. This article will walk you through what MLM is, and what you need to know before taking the first step into the MLM world.

The Digital Business Owner

Have you heard of the phrase multi-level marketing (MLM)? Perhaps you’ve heard the word but aren’t sure what it implies. MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing. It’s a marketing method in which people who sell things make money not just from direct sales but also from sales of others they attract into their network. MLM is one of the numerous business options available as a result of globalization. There are many various types of MLM programs available today, and you should perform extensive research on the MLM organization and the products it sells before opting to participate. This will keep you safe from manipulations and other unlawful activities.

If you’re considering becoming a digital business owner from a Facebook or YouTube Ad, keep reading to learn more about:

online digital business scams
Conducting your digital business online
  • What is this business opportunity?
  • What makes a strong MLM program.
  • What kind of MLM possibilities are available.
  • What skills you’ll need to succeed in MLM, and much more.

You’ll also pick up some pointers and information that will assist you to get started with the right MLM.

What Is MLM?

Many people looking for a business opportunity to supplement their monthly earnings have likely come across the phrase MLM and are unsure what it means. MLM stands for Multi-Level-Marketing, and it has already shown to be a successful way for many people to supplement their income.

Many people have made a significant amount of money through MLM business possibilities, leading them to decide to make it a full-time job. However, before someone gets engaged with it, it is always a good idea to obtain as much information as possible. You will be leveraging your time to generate more money when you become engaged with MLM.

Recruits In Your Downline

You will be working for the business opportunity for several hours each week, with some of that time spent recruiting individuals to join you. Each recruit would be your downline, and he would spend a portion of his time performing the same tasks as you.

You will get a commission from the money spent on products by individuals you directly recruit as well as those recruited via your down-lines. To put it another way, the more recruits you have, the better your prospects of making a lot of money from your MLM business opportunity.

A product will be used as the source of revenue in a Multi-Level-Marketing firm. As a result, one of your responsibilities will be to advertise and sell these products to others, and in most cases, the individuals you sell them to will ultimately join your team.

Is MLM Fraud? Digital Business Owner

When you learn more about multilevel marketing (MLM) or question people about it, you’ll discover that some individuals believe it doesn’t work and that many of the companies involved are frauds. You should be aware that frauds are prevalent in the majority of today’s business possibilities. There are, however, certain precautions you may take to avoid them.

A way to do this is to look for signals that an MLM company is a fraud. The most obvious evidence that a program is a scam is if it makes unreasonable claims to you, such as generating millions in a week, quitting your 9 to 5 jobs in six weeks, making unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of the products, and so on. In addition, you should consider the characteristics of a solid MLM scheme. A solid MLM business opportunity will offer a product that is not only affordable but also of great quality.

Digital Business Owner Support

Apart from that, the organization should give suitable support in advertising and selling its products to its customers and all distributors engaged with it. Multi-Level Marketing is a legitimate business option that you can pursue if you wish to supplement your income. Keep in mind that, in addition to picking the right digital business opportunity for you, you’ll need to work hard and devote a significant amount of time to succeed as a digital business owner.

how to be a digital business owner
How to be a digital business owner

Different Types Of MLM Opportunities

You must commit time and effort if you want to make money from a Multi-Level-Marketing business opportunity. Apart from that, you should be aware of the many sorts of MLM business opportunities available so that you can select the one that best suits your needs. One of the keys to success in any type of business venture is selecting the right business opportunity. As a result, the most important thing you can do right now is to familiarise yourself with them.

Because many MLM programs are merely standard sorts of businesses, you will come across them from time to time when it comes to MLM enterprises. In general, however, there are three sorts of MLM possibilities, each of which differs in how it generates money. MLM programs that sell products, provide services and recruit distributors are the three categories of MLM programs. An example of an MLM company is Enagic, which is a Japanese company, selling Kangen water machines and other products via its independent distributors.

Analyze MLM Products – Digital Business Owner

To correctly pick between various sorts of MLM possibilities, you must analyze the products, services, and recruitment methods that each organization provides. As a result, you should be particularly interested in the program’s money source to find it simpler to market. If you look at some of the people who have been successful with MLM possibilities, you’ll see that they don’t just simply sell or promote the products, services, or memberships; they also take benefit from them.

One of the most appealing aspects of MLM business opportunity is that you may profit not only from the sale of the company’s products or services but also from the sales of individuals you have recruited. To put it another way, the more people you bring into the company, the more money you make.

Are MLMs safe to join
Are MLMs safe to join?

Private Facebook Group  – The Dream Team

With this appealing incentive, a number of individuals are using Facebook or Youtube Ads to tell you that they can train you to become digital business owners. These individuals want to recruit you into Enagic, using a sales funnel where you would have to register your name and email address on a one-page website and pay a fee of $149 to join a private Facebook group.

You should be aware that most MLM opportunities use direct selling techniques. To put it another way, you’ll need strong sales skills to succeed. Aside from that, you should strive to be a good leader to your recruits so that they may not only earn more for themselves but also for you.

High Marketable Product

One of the things to consider while deciding between the various MLM businesses available today is the product, service, and recruitment process that they provide, as mentioned earlier. It ought to be something that will solve a lot of the difficulties that your target market is having. To put it another way, you must choose a company that has a highly marketable product. Furthermore, the organization should offer you sufficient assistance to assist you in selling and marketing your products or services.

Now that you’ve learned more about the many sorts of MLM opportunities and what they include, it’s time to look into different MLM programs so you can get a head start on your business career. Keep in mind, though, that there are a few more things you should be aware of before getting started.

What You Should Know Before Starting MLM

If you’ve previously learned about MLM and the various companies, you’re probably considering becoming involved with a specific MLM business opportunity right now. But before you do that, there are a few things you should know about it, some of which are included below.

Although MLM is regarded as a wonderful business opportunity, you should be aware that it is still possible to fail. This is because, just like any other business, there are a plethora of aspects that will influence your success or failure in this one. In other words, there are hazards to be aware of as well as tasks to conquer.

mike and darren scam
The Global Dream Team Scam

How Do Distributors Make Commission?

When you look into different sorts of MLM possibilities, you’ll see that selling or promoting products is one of the ways that the distributors or members make money from them. As a result, you must possess the requisite talents to succeed in it. When it comes to this, you’ll need to brush up on your marketing skills, not only because you’ll need to advertise or sell certain products, but also because one of the determining elements in your success will be your ability to attract new distributors.

Keep in mind that MLM business possibilities allow you to profit not only from the things you sell but also from the profits you receive from the sales of your down-lines or recruits. People are often recruited into an MLM business opportunity through recommendations from friends, family, and other acquaintances. What if, though, you run out of individuals to attract from inside your sphere of influence? Then there’s the marketing aspect.

Look Out For Deception

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there is a private Facebook group utilizing YouTube and Facebook Ads to get you into a sales funnel because, according to them, they can train you to be digital business owners for Enagic. This group, in my opinion, does not appear to be transparent with the information to recruit you as an independent distributor to sell Enagic water machines. Your monetary investment for joining the program via this private Facebook group better known as the Dream Team can be a very expensive one.

digital business owner dream team
Look out for deception

You must be able to recruit individuals, even if you are unfamiliar with them. Keep in mind that some people may be hesitant to join a business opportunity; however, to ensure that you continue to have leads to offer to the program, you can ask these people to provide you with specific names and contact information of people they believe would be interested in the opportunity you are offering.

Good MLM Firms Train Their Distributors Properly

Please keep in mind that the most successful MLM entrepreneurs devote a significant amount of effort to recruiting new members. As a result, you must make it a daily activity. Aside from recruiting, you should also provide them advice on how to advertise the products and attract new members, since their success will impact your success in the business opportunity you’ve chosen. You also need to be transparent and honest with your recruitment drive.


Make a mental note of these points before you begin your MLM business. Spend some time obtaining information about the MLM program you’re going to join, and be sure it will offer you the assistance you need to succeed. To be a digital business owner in an MLM company require honesty, transparency, and proper training to be able to manage your downline.


If you do everything correctly, you will be able to succeed in MLM and generate money. You should conduct thorough research and join MLM organizations that offer high-quality, competitive products or services that you can sell to others. It’s vital to choose something you’re passionate about to make it simpler to advertise and sell. Furthermore, you must be willing to invest time and effort not only to boost your sales but also to create your downline network so that you may earn from their purchases as well.

It is also critical that you improve your sales abilities so that you may be more effective in selling MLM products. So, if you’re interested in generating money with MLM, keep the above recommendations in mind as you begin your study and look for MLM programs that are right for you. You will soon begin to profit from your MLM business. Avoid questionable business models that will seek to influence you to join an MLM company with the promise of huge rewards with little work involved.

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