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The Freedom Era In 2022 | Who Are They?

The Freedom Era In 2022

I will examine a group called “The Freedom Era” in 2022. I’m not sure if you were searching for an online business opportunity when you saw this group and decided to pursue them. I won’t delve too much into The Freedom Era group of individuals since they are pretty similar to the Dream Team led by two Canadians named Mike and Darren.

Everything this group does all boils down to the same MLM Enagic recruitment process. It is the same idea that Mike and Darren and their Dream Team community had. But the remarkable thing about the Freedom Era organization is that they make it clear right from the get-go that they are endorsing Enagic products.

The Freedom Era In 2022 Training Course

When you join this group, you will be introduced to an affiliate marketing course that they claim will show you how to publish and run Ads and other social media postings. This is nothing but a smoke screen to lure you into Enagic. Most recruits will wind up spending a lot of money on Enagic products without getting any significant results.

Mike and Darren withhold vital information from recruits to lure them into Enagic to market pricey water machines and other products using a sales funnel. The Freedom Era does the same thing, however, as I mentioned before, they tell you that you will be selling Enagic products from the start. Additionally, you can feel under pressure to take out loans to purchase three pricey items known as the “Trifecta”, which are a Kangen water machine, Anespa, and Ukon).

enagic kangen water machine
Enagic kangen water machine

A Network Of Conscious Business People – The Freedom Era

The same principle is utilized for both groups. The Freedom Era identified itself as a network of conscious business people from across the world who are dedicated to ushering in a paradigm change in their approach to life and business. The Freedom Era is a place where people who are sick of feeling that their future is perpetually in the hands of others may go to live out their dreams without having to sacrifice their own.

“As individuals desiring to increase your freedom of choice and time, we support your empowerment. We support a long-term business strategy that enables you to collaborate on the offer. To generate a healthy online income and a network of like-minded individuals, we advise creating a genuine personal brand and using social media “.

That is the Freedom Era in 2022 message, and as you can see, there are some parallels between Mike, Darren, and their supporters in this case. You may hear the language used in multi-level marketing when you hear phrases like “we stand for your empowerment” and “creating someone else’s dream instead of our dreams.”

The Freedom Era’s Up-levelling Of You Their Family

“We are committed to the constant up-leveling of you our family,” they continued. They refer to you as their family. “We provide you with current, pertinent education to help you. They are therefore genuinely providing a course. They provide the impression that you are receiving training to become an affiliate marketer.

The main aim of their course is to entice you into Enagic, but you could also utilize the training to develop your digital goods and sell them based on the knowledge and information you will learn through the training.

Anespa For Bathroom Shower
Anespa For Bathroom Shower

A typical concern that prospective Enagic employees have about Mike and Darren’s Dream Team Group is, “What are they selling?” They don’t disclose what they’re selling in their webinar, which they host. All you can hear them talking about is my digital online business. However, the Freedom Era group reveals that they are Enagic fans.

You may read reviews of The Freedom Era in 2022, on various websites, and you can even learn from people who were involved in the business opportunity by telling of their experiences whether good or bad.

Producing Significant Results Is The Freedom Era’s Commitment To You

The Freedom Era is committed to producing significant results by teaming up with businesses that have already put in the effort. You’ve probably heard a similar story about Mike and Darren’s funnel system that they claim is 90% done for you.

The fact that you must pay a fee to start this business is a major factor in why Enagic can sell so many of these supposedly medical products. I mean, not all regular people use Enagic water ionizers because they are so expensive. As a result, regular homeowners don’t have those machines.

Ukon Supplement
Ukon Supplement

Because they have to purchase the goods before they can act as an independent distributor, which is how their devices are sold, many individuals who enter into the business wind up having a water machine they don’t even want. The Freedom Era, and even the name Freedom, can suggest that this group is into Multi-level Marketing. They want to make you think that these products are desirable products that the average person wants, need, and love.

Cost Of Joining The Freedom Era

Let us now go a step further and show you the cost to get started with the Freedom Era in 2022, because this group is taking advantage of you. They are even charging you more than what Mike and Darren would charge you to join their Dream Team group or to join their system.

Enagic is The Freedom Era’s priority but they have to offer you this training course as a cover-up to lure you in. They don’t want to come outright and say ok, you’re going to promote Enagic, you’re going to pay over $10,000.00 for the trifecta. They’re just using this cover-up affiliate marketing training to lure you in.

The Freedom Era Payment Options

Let us take a look at the cost of joining the Freedom Era business opportunity:

horizontal arrowOPTION 1 – Monthly Trial:
Pay $22.00 for your 14-day trial and on day 15 your $99.00 monthly membership begins. You can cancel any time.

horizontal arrowOPTION 2 – Monthly:
Pay $99.00 today for Full access membership
Then $99.00 every 30 days. Easy cancel anytime.

horizontal arrowOPTION 3 – Yearly Save 24%. Limited Time Offer
Pay $897.00 today then $897.00 every year. Easy cancel anytime.

Possibility Of Losing Money

Regardless of which of the three options you choose, there is a strong possibility of losing your money because when things don’t work out and they say, oh, you can cancel at any time, you’re not getting your money back. You must do your due diligence before making any financial commitments with this group.

Let’s look at option three:

If you pay yearly, then let’s say you would save 24%, but then you would end up paying $897 as a one-time payment for 12 months. This money does not include your advertising budget for Facebook and YouTube. So this is the kind of money you’ll be paying these guys to join their online course. Also, remember that this money does not include the price of the machines.

Pricey Enagic Trifecta Package

You have to pay over $10,000 for the trifecta package. Also remember that when you buy this trifecta, you’re out of pocket for over $12,000 already. You will need to understand that all that money is your investment and you need to recruit other members in your downline and sell the same trifecta package to recover your investment. This process can be a tall order for you to handle.

enagic trifecta
Enagic Trifecta Package

This is one of the reasons why some people quit in just a few months of entering this questionable business venture. The people at the top of the Enagic compensation plan are the ones who will likely be making all the money. Research has shown that 99% of MLM participants lose money.

Learn More About Enagic And Their Independent Distributors

If you want to learn more about Enagic, you can visit The Inspiration College YouTube Channel to watch videos on Mike and Darren and the Dream Team Enagic group. I would encourage you to do more research before you dive into these online business opportunities, especially when you have to invest a lot of money. It’s best for you to dig deep and to know exactly what you’re getting into.

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