My Letter To Enagic CEO Mr Hironari Ohshiro
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My Letter To Enagic CEO Mr Hironari Ohshiro

Dear Mr Hironari Ohshiro,

RE: Complaint – Two Independent Distributors, Mike Dreher And Darren Ewert Might Be In Breach Of Your Policies And Procedures – [N0.9]

My Letter To Enagic CEO Mr Hironari Ohshiro

I wish to bring to your attention a private Facebook group called the Dream Team that might be violating Enagic’s policies and procedures, specifically No. 9.

My name is Leonard Henry, and in 2019 I was recruited by an Enagic Independent Distributor, whose name is Mike Dreher, into Enagic through a Facebook ad. The recruitment process I went through to get my Enagic distributor ID were as follows:

Recruitment Process

horizontal arrowI saw a Facebook ad from the independent distributor, Mike Dreher, about a training course he is offering on how to use Facebook advertising to promote high-ticket products online. There was no mention of what products would be promoted, in the Facebook ad.

horizontal arrow I clicked on the Facebook Ad (Learn More) button and I was taken to a landing page similar to this one,, where I was instructed to enter my name and email address for a free live webinar to learn more about the training course.

horizontal arrowI was sent a link to the live webinar, which would have been in a few days. However, a link was provided for me to watch a replay of a previous webinar if I did not want to wait for the live webinar. I watched the replay of the webinar, which lasted for 90 minutes. Throughout the entire webinar, Mike Dreher and his partner, Darren Ewert, spoke about dropshipping, Facebook ads, and other products, but at no time did they mention Enagic or its products. Attendees, including myself, did not know what the business opportunity was or what products we would be promoting.

horizontal arrowThe webinar ended with Mike Dreher asking us to pay $149 before they could tell us that the product we were going to promote would be Enagic water machines. After we paid the money, we were sent some videos of the Enagic business opportunity, and we were told to watch the videos, then arrange a strategy call with a consultant that would be assigned to us.

horizontal arrowAfter watching the videos, which were not very clear on how we would be running the business, Mike Dreher sent us a reminder to make a strategy call with a coach who will explain more about the business to us. I made the call to the coach as I was instructed, and the coach told me I would have to invest about $10,000 for the trifecta package: Leveluk K8, Ukon, and Anespa. I told the coach that I did not have all that money to invest as I did not know about this huge investment prior to making the strategy call.

Take Bank Loan Or Credit Card To Make Purchase Of Enagic Trifecta Products

I was encouraged to take out a bank loan or use a credit card to make the purchase. I still could not find all that money to start the business, so I settled for the SD501 Kangen water machine with an initial down payment and a monthly repayment for 15 months with an Enagic payment plan.

The Facebook Ads training that they provided was quite basic, and there was little help from the mentor assigned to me. To make matters worse, my Facebook Ads account was shut down within weeks of running Facebook Ads, as Facebook does not permit multi-level marketing get-rich-quick schemes on their advertising platform.
I was also not introduced to the official EWS websites that are approved by Enagic.

Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert are using sales funnels to recruit prospects to be Enagic Distributors without them really knowing what they are getting themselves into. The landing pages that they are using to recruit independent distributors are not approved by Enagic, according to number 9 of the Enagic Policies and Procedures.

Please See Below Number 9 Of Enagic’s Policies And Procedures:

Internet and Website Policy

Independent distributors are not permitted to use any non-EWS existing websites or develop any independently created websites related to the Enagic business. Independent distributors are permitted to use an authorised EWS website to advertise online ( The creation of a free EWS site for a distributorship is available to all independent distributors. On the EWS registration site, you may upgrade to get more features and options.

With the help of this Company program, independent distributors may select a company home page design and customise it with a message and contact details exclusive to them. These websites give the independent distributor a professional and Company-approved online presence and link directly to the Company website.

Independent distributors may only utilise these recognised websites. No independent distributor is allowed to create a website independently using the names, logos, or descriptions of the Company’s products or services. Additionally, independent distributors are not allowed to use “blind” online advertisements that make claims about products or income that are ultimately connected to the Company’s goods and services or its compensation scheme.

Any Independent Distributor who makes use of the Company’s names, logos, trademarks, etc. online or in any other form of advertising in violation of our policies and procedures may face immediate repercussions, including termination of their distributor position.


The Dream Team is a secret Facebook group that is run by Mike and Darren. These Dream Team members are all Enagic distributors, and all of them are introducing new members into their downline by utilising landing sites. The problem is that they are hiding a lot of information from their potential customers regarding the Enagic business opportunity, and you had to pay $149 before they disclosed what the company’s business opportunity and product were.

In reality, they are enlisting candidates for the Enagic business opportunity while disguising their recruitment efforts by claiming to be providing prospective recruits, a Facebook advertising training course to help them manage their own online business. This strategy is quite misleading because many people have lost a lot of money as a result of their scheme.

What Mike and Darren is doing is labeled as a pyramid scheme by many including the Bhutanese Authorities. Mike and Darren were under heavy investigation in Bhutan in 2019 by the Bhutanese authorities as they were recruiting a number of bhutanese individuals into Enagic without a business license and it is alleged that a number of them lost thousands of dollars to their scheme. Please see some links below for more information on Mike Dreher, Darren Ewert, and their Dream Team Members in Bhutan.


Due to false information in their advertising, a number of Dream Team members are now having their Facebook ads disabled.

Please see some examples of the landing pages Mike, Darren, and his dream team members are using to seek new Enagic distributors below:

As some people leave the business opportunity because Facebook closed their accounts and Facebook advertising cost them a lot of money, some of the landing sites may very well be eliminated.

I would appreciate it if you could offer some details regarding these landing pages that Mike and Darren and their Dream Team members are using for the sole objective of secretly, dishonestly, and deceptively enlisting people into the Enagic business opportunity. I would sincerely appreciate your thoughtful comment on this topic.

Sincerely Yours,

Leonard Henry.
Concerned Member of the public.

Leonard Henry
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